Digital Audiobook Production

Finding the right voice for your audiobook is one of the most important decisions you can make. Choose from among our seasoned theatre-trained voice professionals who will make your book come alive to your readers/listeners. We use a professional recording studio to provide the highest quality recording and upload it for you for distribution by Audible—the world's leading retailer of digital audio books—who partners with and also makes your audiobook available through Amazon and iTunes. 


We provide the ISBN for your audiobook and create the audiobook image to Audible/Amazon's standards. If you choose the non-exclusive option through Audible, we will also create for you an iTunes-ready audiobook for your own distribution.


Audible's Royalty Escalator Model

Depending on the number of audiobooks sold and if you choose to allow to have exclusive rights to selling your audiobook (including Amazon and iTunes), Audible pays anywhere from 50-90% of the sales price in royalty. The more you sell the greater your royalty rate. The non-exclusive rate begins as 25% and would be for those who wish to sell their audiobook from their own website in addition to

Audiobook Costs


Audiobook production rates are based on two costs: narration and studio or production time, which includes recording, editing, and sound engineering. For each finished hour, five hours of production or studio time are required. Narration is based upon 10,000 words per finished hour. The production of your audiobook requires the services of both the professional reader and a sound engineer. Thus, the audiobook costs are a combination of both narration/word count and studio time.


Schedule of Costs


Words     Narration Hours     Production Hours     Final Cost

10,000   1                             5                                   $   950

20,000   2                             10                                 $1,900

30,000   3                             15                                 $2,850

40,000   4                             20                                 $3,800

50,000   5                             25                                 $4,750

60,000   6                             30                                 $5,700

70,000   7                             35                                 $6,650

80,000   8                             40                                 $7,600

90,000   9                             45                                 $8,550

The Process


The first step is choosing your Narrator. Listen to our Voice Professionals and when you've chosen the voice you like, and we have a signed contract and 50% deposit, your Narrator will cut a 10-minute demo reading of your book. This demo will be professionally engineered so it will be an example of your finished product. With your "sign-off"on the narration and receipt of the balance due, we will begin recording your audiobook. Sound engineering will accompany the recording and continue after the narration is completed in order to create the finished product. At the same time your book enters the audio-recording process, your cover image will be created and your ISBN assigned. Finally, your book will be uploaded according to your contract and made available on (Amazon and iTunes).


To get started, send an email using the Contact page, and give us your word count for a full quote.

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