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Finding the right voice for your audiobook is one of the most important decisions you can make. Choose from among our seasoned theatre-trained voice professionals who will make your book come alive to your readers/listeners. We narrate, edit, and produce your audiobook to the highest standards and then upload it for distribution by Walmart, Kobo (International sales), iTunes, Amazon, and Audible among others.  


We provide the ISBN for your audiobook and create the image for your online, downloadable, and CD sales. With EA Audiobooks you are never asked for an exclusive agreement, meaning you are free to sell your own audiobook from your website or at events.

Why EA Audiobooks?

1. Service: EABooks Authors are treated with respect and dignity. Our owner is an author and she wants our authors treated the way she wants to be treated. Calls and emails are answered promptly, and we walk you through every step. We love on our authors. (Look at testimonies on our website).

2. Integrity: We pride ourselves as being one of the few in our industry known for our high integrity. One of the best ways to find a reputable company is to look who is consistently invited to serve on faculty at Christian Writers Conferences–for our list see our home page on this site. Conferences have become the stamp of approval in our industry.

3. Christians: Yes, you can find a cheaper way of producing your audiobook, but with EA you have a team of Christians praying over your project, and who believe in your mission and your message. So the big question is, who do you want to handle your message?




We price our books like editing is priced–a per word/page quote. Our rate ranges from .045 - .06 per word, depending upon the narrator you choose. Once we receive your manuscript, we will match your project with several narrators in the various price ranges and you will have a choice. 

A fully narrated, edited, and produced 
audiobook, would be approx. $450-$600 per 10,000 words or 1 hour of finished narration. A 60,000-word book will be six hours of finished narration. 


Making Money With Audiobooks

Previously with Audible, the only way to make any real money was to go with their exclusive rights, which meant Authors could not sell their own books except through Audible/Amazon/iTunes. With our new arrangement, you will not have an exclusive agreement, meaning you can sell your own books as downloads from your website or on CD's at events (we will show you how) in addition to distribution through Walmart, Kobo (International sales), iTunes, Amazon, and Audible.


Here are the rates you can expect when EA Audiobooks produces and distributes your book.

For every finished hour, you can expect a 32%-40% off retail royalty when a distributor sells your audiobook:

$4.00 retail = $1.60 profit
$5.00 retail = $2.00 profit
$6.00 retail = $2.40 profit

So let's say you have a six-hour book (60,000 words) and you decide to retail your book for $13, your profit will be $5.20 with the 40% royalty. If you divide that into your investment (at an average .05/per word) at $3000, you will break even at 576 audiobooks.



To get started, send an email using the Contact page, and give us your word count for a full quote. Someone will contact you and learn more about your book and your audiobook needs. We are here to serve you.

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