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They say the best marketing is a satisfied customer and here at EA Books we make it a priority to exceed your expectations. We are proud to share what  some of our satisfied authors have to say:

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Writers, rejoice! If any of you long to use your talents for the Lord, this is the place to start. The folks at EABooks Publishing are incredible. Their knowledge, expertise, kindness, encouragement, and positive attitude make them a joy to work with. When I first began writing, my enthusiasm was great, but my ignorance was far greater. From the first moment I met Cheri Cowell, I felt supported and encouraged. She made it clear that this was MY book and it would be what I wanted it to be. She and her staff made that happen. For example, knowing my vision for my cover, she worked to find an artist who could create just what I wanted. The end result was amazing! Every reader who has contacted me has commented on how the cover attracted them to the book. Thank you Bob Ousnamer! Each person I worked with on her staff was a delight. These people are incredible. They do it all with knowledge, efficiency, and grace. There is no reason to ever seek another publisher. I am now finishing the sequel to my first book. Of course, it will be in the hands of EABooks Publishing.


Joy Marie Morris

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“I can’t say enough good things about everyone at EA Publishing. The whole team; Cheri, Wanda, Tanya Kristen, and especially Krystine; was amazing in giving their expert guidance and exceptional labor to take my book from a concept to a reality. Through every phase of the publishing process, even when some changes became necessary, they always communicated with me so that my book remained my book. God bless and Thank you so very much. I truly hope we can do it again in the very near future.”                 

- Rev. Wes Craven, Author and Illustrator, BUDDIES: More Adventures of Joe Willy & Musso 

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Working with Cherie and the team has been a big help.  I also really enjoyed the editing, which I feel made the book a better read.  I look forward to seeing what will happen with the marketing they are helping me with at this time.

C.J. Cutrone

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Joy found its way into my life during a difficult period of time. Joy means far more than simply being happy. The joy of the Lord became my strength, a comforting hand on my shoulder and the awareness of His presence guiding me. This three-letter word carried God’s power and love into my grieving spirit filling me with His hope. It has become my strong tower where I feel safe. The writings in Joy Unfolding vary from silly poems to profound experiences that have dotted my life. Poems appear in my mind as I sit quietly in my wicker chair on my tiny front porch. Like magic, they develop into pictures of nature offering peace and joy filling my spirit. Then there are poems of silliness such as my fascination with mice that claim several pages of the book. A Nursery Rhymes turns the original poems upside down and forms lines to ponder. There are deeply personal stories and antidotes which bring the words to life. The majority of my writings are not difficult to follow, yet a few require the reader to think and read in between the lines. Some are sprinkled with dry humor while others hopefully will make them laugh silly. Overall, my wish is for the readers to not only enjoy getting to know me, but a far greater hope is that they find Jesus in their everyday lives like I have over the years. No greater gift could I desire for them.
Betty Lafferty
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I met Cheri Cowell at the Florida Writers Conference and was so impressed with her personal warmth and professional expertise that I decided to give partner publishing a try. Having already worked with a traditional house, I am delighted to recommend EABooks to traditionally published authors who desire a more hands-on approach to the process, as well as to self-published or first-time authors who want personal support and practical mentoring. I went the extra mile and signed on for the marketing coaching service, which helped me clarify my audience and goals and gave me tools to follow through. Cheri and her talented staff are a blessing I will seek out again for future projects.
Judith Ingram
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I absolutely enjoyed my experience working with EA Books Publishing.  Everyone was always helpful, even when I was frustrated, and I couldn't have asked for a better team.  They worked with me and understood what I was looking for, pairing me with the right people.  I look forward to working with them again in the future!
Trisha Caldwell
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As a first time author navigating the world of publishing, was truly daunting to start with. Time and expertise turned the daunting to dynamic!
My first connection was with Cheri Cowell. Cheri had a unique ability to see and hear what I hadn't even totally figured out yet! Cheri has the power of believing in another person that sets their hearts on fire. 
One great experience was with my Writing Coach ( Peter Lundell). I loved the way he listened and caught what my heart was all about and drew even more from me.
The Marketing Team ( John and Laurie) how I loved working with you and all that I learned from you. It took some practice to catch our rhythm and when we did, it was awesome and synergistic. Thank You for your patience, creativity, and expertise. 
Formatting was no small challenge and was complex at best. Jessie thank you for your tenacious perseverance through it all.
Thank You to all of those who worked behind the scenes to make this project come alive.
Ruth Esau
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Thank you so much for the kind promotion of the Spanish edition of my book, Jesús y el Adicto: Doce Estudios Bíblicos para Personas que Están Saliendo de las Drogas y Alcohol (Spanish Edition) I feel so blessed and grateful. The ratings on Amazon change by the hour, but just now I saw this for the English edition of Jesus and the Addict:
Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #51,071 in Books (See Top 100 in Books)
I am so thrilled for the book's sales and so thankful for EABooks Publishing. I have also had many people contact me through my website and blog that was set up for me by EABooks. All of this is such a blessing.
Dr. Pam Morrison
Addiction Recovery and Overseas Missions
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As usual, EA Books Publishing has done an excellent job. Hat's off for an easy job through formatting and sending to Amazon. The staff is great and easy to work with, helping an author through all phases of getting a book published. This is my fourth one, with number five on the way. Thanks everyone.


Reba Rhyne

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I was introduced to EABooks Publishing through an author friend who highly recommended the services. I am so happy I reached out to learn more. I am a pretty "hands-on" person and I valued being kept in the loop and part of the process of finalizing the book details and getting my baby to print! Working with EABooks Publishing was meant to be. 
Katelyn S. Herrygers
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I did a lot of research before making a decision to use EA publishing. I talked to several people, did comparison reviews, and looked at industry watchdog ratings. I choose EA publishing because I felt they solidly stood on integrity; they had a very good reputation in the industry and the package  I choose was a fair price. My experience with the team I was assigned was smooth.  There are always things to learn and questions to be answered. Team members always got back to me and answered questions and explained the process. My project leader was extremely helpful. The cover designer worked with my ideas and created a cover that I am excited about.  All-in-all, the process and the team resulted in a very good first experience in the publishing world. I now have a book and a testimony I am proud of! 

Donna Gallagher

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Working with EA Books Publishing has been such an awesome experience. The team assigned to me were very sweet, hardworking, and very compassionate with their efforts to make my vision for this book come to pass! 

Angel Clove

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I was fortunate enough to meet Cheri at a writers conference two years ago. At that time, I knew very little about publishing the book I had written while going through an extremely difficult time in my life. While at the conference, I met several publishers but they didn't give me the encouragement I was hoping for. Nevertheless, when I sat down at Cheri's table, and began to tell her about my book, she immediately gave me the hope and encouragement I needed! She was quick to let me know that her publishing company would help me every step of the way, from the beginning to the end! I can truly say that EA Books Publishing made the process easy and professional. I would recommend this publishing company to anyone who has a dream to see the work of their hands get into the hands of others. I knew that my book was a God breathed word that many suffering parents with prodigals desperately needed to hear. With that being said, I want to shout out a BIG "Thank you," to Cheri, and ALL of the staff members that made my dream become a reality!

                                                              Charlotte Jewell

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EABooks Publishing was a joy to work with. All along the way, they connected me with the right editor, the right illustrator, and the right book formatter. Their attention to their clients was as thorough as their attention to detail (just the combination to serve a perfectionist like me). Gracious and patient with each of my change requests, the EABooks staff of problem-solving gurus. I’m proud to have my book appear on their list of successful projects.


Terry Murphy

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I knew God was up to something the moment I met Cheri Cowell. I thank God for leading me to EABooks. I absolutely loved the experience and the privilege of working with each of them. Thank you, Peter Lundell, Kristen Veldhuis, Dawn Staymates, Tanya Shanley, and Bob Ousnamer for your professionalism, patience, and compassion. Through you God made Finally Free: Breaking the Bonds of Depression Without Drugs a reality. It was a blessing and a joy to work with you.

Patty Mason

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“Laurie and John, marketing coach and technical designer with EABooks Publishing, are simply amazing. They are worth their weight in gold in terms of all they offer their clients. Their highly customized approach [to marketing] provides you, the client, with the exact guidance you need to move your project ahead. I cannot praise Laurie and John too much as consultants and as wonderful, Christ-centered people. They are compassionate, dedicated, knowledgeable, and super smart. Don’t pass up this opportunity!”
Lisa Schnedler
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My experience with EABooks Publishing was surprisingly
positive and fulfilling.  Everyone who assisted me made me feel like a part of EA's spiritual family instead of an elderly author with an elderly computer. 
Many thanks.
Myrna Griffith 
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Working with EABooks was a smooth and professional process. All my questions were answered within a day of asking in a warm and caring tone. I would recommend this publishing company to anyone interested in getting published.
Darylann Whitemarsh, Ph.D.
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EAbooks publishing team made sure A Cry of the Heart, was a book that all of us could be proud of. Jessica, my editor, was easy to work and communicate with. Book designer, Bob, showed much patience in our quest to get the cover just right. I appreciate that the formatter, Susan, did everything to ensure that the final product was top notch. Thank you to the entire staff for your hard work in bringing A Cry of the Heart to life. I look forward to working with EABooks publishing on future projects.                    
Penelope Childers
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I have published two books with EABooks and am so delighted with the personnel, and personalized processing, I am already planning another, and another, and another. Who knew this could be so much fun and so detailed at the same time. I highly recommend you trust your self-publishing project with these professionals! Thank You EABooks for dreaming with me again!
Will Schmit
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EABooks Publishing is an excellent company.  They have been tremendously supportive in preparing my book, Jesus and the Addict, both as a print book and now, as an ebook.  Their knowledge and expertise is marvelous.  The work they did for me went so swiftly.  And, their kindness at every point, has meant so much.  I highly recommend this company.
 Dr. Pam Morrison
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The team at EA Books was a delight to work with. Everyone at every step in the process was professional, knowledgeable, and helpful. They made an effort to get to know me and my project. They asked questions that helped me clarify my purpose and goals, and they showed me how I could be even more successful. When I had questions or needed additional help, they were right there. Working with them was a great experience in every way.
Paul Linzey
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This is my third experience in publishing with EA Books Publishing, and I've enjoyed each time of working with the crew. They are professional and responsive to an author's needs. I would highly recommend this company to any writer wishing to take their writing to the next level.
Reba Rhyne 
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I am so grateful to EA Publishing for the wonderful experience I have had publishing with them.  From my first conversations with Cheri Cowell, owner of the company, through all the steps of editing, cover design, formatting, marketing, etc. they truly “held my hand” and were so personable and helpful.  I am currently starting another book and will go right back to them for their assistance, which is both loving and highly professional. A tremendous company!
The marketing support I received from EABooks Publishing was SO helpful.  They assisted me in creating a very striking website, setting up a blog, developing content for the website, and in so many other ways.  When you’re new to publishing, everything can seem daunting!  Their patient and pleasant help made everything so much easier! - Dr. Pam Morrison
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Numerous reflections interspersed throughout the letters, a number of blocked quotes, and extensive referencing and endnotes could make for a reading nightmare if not intelligibly organized. These potential problems were all resolved via the meticulous and skillful formatting expertise at EABooks Publishing. The helpful emails and conversations with Susan and Bob put a finishing touch on another memorable experience with the staff at EABooks Publishing.


Mark Johnson

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The EABooks Publishing team is truly remarkable, not only because of their extensive knowledge and professionalism in the publishing field but because of their patience and sensitivity to my needs as an aspiring author.  Certainly, they have exceeded my expectations.  Indeed, it became evident to me that the gracious owner of the publishing company, Cheri Cowell, and her talented team placed as much emphasis on facilitating the publishing process, as they placed on the finished product quality of EABooks. They were always patient, personable and helpful during the publishing process.  I am deeply grateful to the phenomenal team of EABooks Publishing, comprising of Cheri, Kristen, and Tanya who have contributed so graciously to the publishing process that propelled my book across the finish line. By God’s grace, I hope to work with them again on my next book.

Albert Douglas

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I am so grateful I met Cheri Cowell at the Florida Christian Writers Conference. Her publishing knowledge, her professionalism, and her kindness showed through in each communication I had with her. When I asked other writers at the conference about Cheri, I heard glowing recommendations for not only her hard work, but also for her integrity. Cheri’s strong work ethic flows through her staff as well. Every staff member worked hard to make sure I was pleased with each step of the process before they moved me on to the next step. Cheri and her team all exhibited professionalism, patience, and kindness. Because I was completing and publishing the story my late cousin, Rick Lancaster, had begun, it was important to me that the book offer a lasting legacy of his work. Therefore, the choice of illustrator was paramount. The selection of Dave O’Connell to illustrate the book was an answer to prayer. His illustrations are outstanding. I couldn’t have asked for more. The statement Cheri makes on her company’s website about their publishing process is absolutely true – “Your dedicated EABooks team will walk you through each step.” I could never have completed this project as successfully without the incredible support I received from Cheri and her dedicated staff, Tanya Shanley, Kristen Veldhuis, Bob Ousnamer, and Dave O’Connell. I heartily recommend EABooks Publishing to any author wanting to work with the best. – Delores Kight
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“I can’t say enough good things about the team of EA Books Publishing. They have answered all my questions and assisted me through the entire journey of publishing my book.  I applaud their patience, kindness, and wisdom as they helped this novice fulfill a dream of publishing my book.”  Bette J. Lafferty
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To the talented team of EA Books Publishing: Cheri, Kristen, Jessie, Michelle, and Bob, your skills took a manuscript and enabled it to blast off of the launching pad! Each of you made significant contributions to the publishing process that took this work across the finish line. It was a joy to partner with each of you.
Kathy Arrington
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I have cancer. Time is precious (and possibly short) when cancer hits. Therefore, I wanted my book Praise the Lord and Pass the Chemo: A Hopeful Response to a Hard Reality published quickly. Traditional publishing can take two years.  EABooks Publishing kept their promise of a complete book in 45 days. 
By their fruits you will know them. Look at my book. What a beautiful cover. Bob Ousnamer, the book cover designer, listened to my heart when I said, "I want a cover that is light and happy because cancer patients have enough dark and sad in their lives." Bob Ousnamer delivered. Throughout the publishing process, the staff at EABooks Publishing responded to my questions and suggestions almost immediately. We worked together to produce a book that would glorify the Lord. I am thrilled watching the fruit of our labor reach cancer patients around the world.
Elaine W. Miller
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Working with EABooks Publishing has been a rewarding experience. At every step, the helpful professionals kept the work moving forward and apprised me as to what came next. They took the stress out of the process and helped bring my dream of publishing this book to fruition. EABooks Publishing is excellent!


Tim Vanden Langenberg

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Thanks to all the team members at EA Books for their great job of assisting authors to express heart-felt stories in book form. With their assistance, authors can further their ministry to encourage, teach, and inspire a hurting world that there is hope and help from the one who loves us more than we could ever imagine – Jesus Christ!


Brenda Sue Bynum

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EABooks Publishing transformed the emotion-filled poems on suicide, grief, and hope into a work of art, inside and out.  Natalie edited my poetry book with tenderness and respect while enhancing the poems with her expert eye for cadence and meaning. I have received many compliments on the book cover, created by their talented artist Amanda. Cheri stepped in where needed, to encourage and challenge me and I love the final product! As a first time author, I recommend EABooks to help navigate the publishing process.


Karisa Moore

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I would like to thank Cheri Cowell and her team at EABooks Publishing, for a Wonderful experience in the publishing process of my first children's book, The Adventures of Sleepy Man. I also want to thank Cheri for working with me through my time of illness, I appreciate you. I highly recommend EABooks Publishing for your publishing needs.


Simone A. Nash 

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After many months of wading through a sea confusion in the self-publishing world I, fortunately, came across EABooks Publishing. I was immediately greeted with a friendliness and knowledge of the industry that made me, for the first time, feel at home in this new and competitive world of publishing. With professionalism, patience, and knowledge I was guided by Cheri Cowell and the team at EABooks through a world that was entirely strange and new to me. In no time at all, I began to feel like I could do this thing if I teamed up with EA Books! Moreover, with the financial package that I was presented with, I could now see a way to perhaps make my writing work for me as well. In short order, I was presented with a beautiful cover and website designed by Bob Ousnamer that met and exceeded my expectations. I was given excellent marketing guidance by Michelle Booth. The interior book formatting by Dawn Staymates is superb. As a result, my book, The Assault On Freedom In America, is a fine example of the professionalism and product quality of EABooks. If you are reading this, then your search is over. Choose EABooks, I highly recommend them.


Mac Taylor, The Assault On Freedom In America

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After many months of feeling very lost in a maze of different publishing paths, I happily discovered EABooks Publishing at one of Cheri Cowell’s conference presentations.  Shortly thereafter she had me on a publishing plan that quickly led to a published picture book I can promote with pride.  The EABooks team exceeded my expectations at all stages of production.  It was an enjoyable process, and I look forward to working with this awesome team again someday soon!


LeslieJean Anderson

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As a new author in the dizzying world of self-publishing, I can't think of a better company than EA Books Publishing to support you, hold your hand, and aid you through this maze of paperwork and detail. No way can a newbie understand the nuances of the publishing business. I'd definitely recommend Cheri Cowell and her group of professionals if you are considering going the avenue of self-publishing. Hugs to them all.


Reba Rhyne, Butterfield Station

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"EA Books has been a pleasure to deal with.  From the beginning conversations with Cheri Cowell to the illustrations by Amber Waters and finally to the production stage with Kristen Veldhuis, everyone at EA Books was very helpful and accommodating.   The entire production process is smooth and efficient and the end result is something I am very proud of.  Thanks again to everyone at EA Books.  I highly recommend EA Books to any aspiring author or seasoned professional.  Keep up the stellar work!"


Ralph DiFiore

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Can the Jewish author of a Jewish romantic novel have a successful business relationship with a publishing company that specializes in Christian-centered publications? The answer is a resounding YES!


My name is Edward M. Krauss, author of Solomon The Accountant, a story that takes place in a middle-class Jewish neighborhood in Toledo, Ohio in 1950. The book had a short publication history several years ago with a company that went out of business soon after STA was first published. After a pause of those years I decided to try again. I discovered EABooks Publishing online and contacted them. I expressed my concern about their focus, their ability to successfully serve me, given the nature of the novel. They assured me that they could work effectively with me to produce and market my work.


All has been true. Everyone associated with bringing my novel to market has been prompt, supportive, helpful, and creative. I am pleased to strongly endorse EABooks Publishing.


By the way, if you like gentle, warm-hearted, character-driven love stories, may I please recommend you read Solomon The Accountant.


Edward M. Krauss                                         

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EABooks Publishing makes the whole process so easy! I loved the illustrator they found for me, and everyone was a joy to work with. Ask all the questions you need, they are patient and helpful. And the final product is beautiful. This whole process has been a learning curve, for sure, but they take much of the frustration out of the mix. Thanks to all of you!
Arloa TenKley
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A great big thank you to Cheri Cowell, Kristen Veldhuis, Jessie Collins, and Bob Ousnamer from EA Books. You were professional, patient, and encouraging from start to finish. I never felt stuck in the process because of the immediate response from the team. I have highly recommended you to several friends and acquaintances and will continue to do so.


Yvonne Ortega

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Thanks so much to the awesome team at EABooks!  You have made my dream of publishing a children’s book come true. They were patient with me trying to get things just right and offered suggestions that made the process a pleasure. So thrilled to finally see it in print and happy to share it with the world because of their wisdom and expertise in book creation! Thanks, Cheri, Debbie, Bob, and Kristen! 


Joanie Tate

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My marketing coaches truly went beyond "the call of duty" as they maneuvered me through getting a website, learning how to post on it, and also showing me valuable insights on how to use Facebook and other media to help promote my book. By the time the course was finished, I ended up with a beautiful webpage! I'm learning to use other media better, and, I feel that I made some true friends. I never felt rushed or that my questions were foolish. I would definitely recommend the service to others. God Bless You Guys!
April Whitt                                     
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"Working with the EA Books Publishing Team was a great experience.  The team is very professional and made my publishing experience a breeze." 
Linda Evans Shepherd
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As very ignorant, first-time self-publishers,  we were overwhelmed at all the stages that were involved in publishing. Thanks to the EABooks Publishing staff, they had the steps all laid out, had lots of patience, and were quick to respond and answer all of our questions. Thanks to a great team, we can now say, “We have a book published!” 
We are so excited to share our book with children everywhere. May the Lord bless EABook Publishing!
Marilee Arntz
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I wrote my heart out; then explored every avenue I could to improve and publish. Several semi-interested agents later and I was at a loss as to how to effectively get to print. One of my editors steered me to EABooks Publishing, and having had my string of questions well answered I decided to give them the wheel. I am thoroughly pleased with how their team surrounded me, staged the process and patiently understood my aims. They have integrity and expertise. Highly do I recommend.
Mary Barton Nees                            
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I am so excited to have just completed the process of having my first book published with EABooks! I thoroughly enjoyed every step of the process, from the creation of my cover with Bob's expert help to the final touches on my manuscript and the design decisions for the content pages with the amazing assistance of Kristen. Their patience with me and the immediate feedback I received at the completion of each step helped me to proceed with confidence in the pursuit of this dream. I cannot thank them enough for their support and encouragement. The excitement of receiving my book in print is hard to describe.
Becky Burgue
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Publishing is a maze which can leave writers frustrated. EABooks Publishing provides not only publishing, but also encouragement, guidance, and sound advice. I am so thankful that I found them and trusted their expertise with our story Three Generations Fight Cancer Together. They conduct business with integrity and kindness: what a blessing!
Elaine Greydanus Bush
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Being a first time fiction author, it was very helpful having a marketing team that provided guidance on how to promote the book. Not having been deeply involved with social media before, the team got me set up on FB and Twitter that began drawing people to my new book. They also created a personal website that has been useful for blogging, posting reviews from readers and providing other avenues for bringing people to my novel.


Dr. Douglas Christie

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I would like to say that EABooks Publishing is one of the best ways to get a book published. I learned a lot with them. EABooks worked with me all along the way from the cover to the inside text. It is quite a learning curve, but it will make the next one a whole lot easier. It has been a pleasure to work with Cheri, Kristen, Bob, and Dawn. I believe that God led me to them and I plan to use them again for my next book. They know the ins and outs of the book business. If you do not want to do it yourself, or have tried, EABooks Publishing is the way to go. You write and they will help get it published. Thanks a whole lot!.

Larry Wilson

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Once I was linked to the EABooks Publishing team, I experienced the “it” factor. The “it?” Well, professionalism, know-how and faith-based care all welcomed me. From my first conversation with the inspirational Cheri Cowell, I felt at home with the capable team of Bob Ousnamer, Dawn Staymates, and Kristen Veldhuis. The high-quality cover and interior for my first novel attracts readers and easily communicates the promise of a good read.
Janneke Jobsis Brown
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The team at EABooks was easy to work with and very professional. Beyond grateful for the quality of the layout, the phenomenal cover design and the ease of bringing my book out into the world. Special thank you and blessings to Kristen and John. 
Debbie Milam
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EABooks Publishing always puts out a quality product. This is my second book published with them, and I am very satisfied. From the beginning, they have been wonderful to work with--professional, helpful, and despite my delays, completed the project on time. The team at EABooks are always approachable and cooperative. Can't imagine going anywhere else when I have a book that requires the best of workmanship.
Judy Madsen Johnson
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Once again this team has been a true blessing to work with! I am so very grateful and thankful for the whole staff at EABoooks.


They truly have a deep desire to serve. They are very professional and caring, and show the Father's heart in everything they do. They really came together to work with me, guide me, support me and encourage me during the entire process. And a big thank you to Bob Ousnamer who once again worked many long hours with me. 


I highly recommend them! A BIG thank you to each of you and may God bless you abundantly!  <3


Dana Marie Bucci

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EA Book Publishing has guided me through the entire process of bringing a book to print: from editing to formatting to cover design to pricing to publicity. They have helped me fulfill my dream of getting my story out there, and they were always clear in their explanations and prompt in answering my questions.
I highly recommend them for anyone wanting to get a book into print – especially if it is for the first time.
Jacob Guot
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My book Ponderisms has just been released and I can honestly say that eabookspjublishing is a fastastic company that has given me so much help in getting to my finished product.   They are very easy to work with and make it so easy for a novice to navigate the murky waters of the publishing business.  Thank you for making my 'dream come true." 


Jack Starr

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God has been faithful throughout my winding journey to bring my first book to completion. My testimony serves as my personal thanks and appreciation to EABooks Publishing for making my dream, to become a published author, a reality. Cheri Cowell and her team of experts did such amazing work on getting my book’s cover designed and formatted, as well as outlining the interior and the exterior. They were professional and persistent in handling every step, from beginning to end. I have learned and gained a great deal of experience from their work, and no words can express the gratitude I feel towards them in helping me make this dream come true.


                        Louisa Ausai-Magele

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My Experience with EABooks Publishing has been a good one. I wanted to self-publish my child's book: Hungry Foxes on Our Hillside because I was unsure which version would please the most people. Some adults loved it just like it was, others wanted it to be less focused on the seagull and more on the foxes. When a group of writers critiqued it at a conference, they clearly preferred the softer version. EAPublishing was willing to replace both pictures and verses even though the finished book had already been sent to me for approval. The illustrator, Amber Waters, was willing to redo some of the pictures at the last minute. All the personnel who worked with me were very helpful, easy to work with, and readily responded to my concerns.


Barbara Hattamer                                    

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I learned of EABooks Publishing through a radio interview on one of my favorite programs (I work 4 Him!) I had been looking for a new publisher and when I heard the interview with Cheri Cowell I knew God had led me to the right place! In a world of noisy sales pitches and over-priced services Cheri's God-centered business ethics inspired me and made me feel safe. I needed people I could trust and who had good experience. I know of people who have put their own books on CreateSpace but I could see that I'm just not one of those people. I work full-time and I need to spend my writing time writing-not figuring out how to get it published. They were patient and kind with me through the process and I am pleased with the outcome of my book. Also, I am looking forward to receiving more guidance and tips on marketing and I look forward to creating more books with EABooks Publishing.
May The Lord Bless You Richly, April M. Whitt
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When the Lord infused me with the with the passion to write my book, Aria, I knew it had to be exactly as I intended for the reader. It was very important to me to have control over this story because of its sensitive and heartfelt content. A friend of mine mentioned EA Books Publishing. Also an author, she shared her experience with their team. I contacted Cheri Cowell, and after our conversation I made the decision to work with them. I’m an evangelist, but I knew absolutely nothing about publishing. They were wonderful and encouraging. They were very patient with some unexpected last minute changes. The finished book looks wonderful. Christian bookstores are asking to carry Aria, and the reviews are amazing. Many thanks to all of those who helped me birth "my baby.” It was indeed a labor of love. I highly recommend EABooks Publishing. They are a Christian publishing  company you can trust.
Penny Lea
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Working with the EA Books Publishing team has been quite a “learning” experience.  Each member has been very patient, informative, and quick to respond to my questions.  They graciously held my hand throughout the entire process, and for that, I am very grateful and blessed. 
Kris Stanton
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EA Books was an answer to prayer. To finally make my dream a reality. Not only is Cheri Cowell a dear friend, but her staff is a plus.  Kristen was such a dear and had such patience to continually guide me along on this journey…  And Lori Copeland and her husband John were the icing on the cake to create my beautiful cover and help me learn how to get the word out! What a great team to get your word out too.
Del Bates
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I've enjoyed working with EABooks Publishing. Their professionalism and attention to detail impressed me. When I publish my next book, EABooks is my choice.
Randy Tramp
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I recommend EABooks Publishing to subsidy-publishing writers who don’t have the money to pay for high end, often over-priced companies. Do be ready and willing to tell EA staff clearly what you want regarding design and layout, and be willing to work with them on it. The folks at EABooks are great to work with, and they’re honest. You won’t get cheated, and they’ll make sure you’re happy with your book publication. 
Peter Lundell
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EABooks has published my second book and I was very pleased with their professional skills and their willingness to help me at every turn. This starts with their illustrator that works on my book each day for hours at a time, Amber Waters, and that goes all the way to the president of the company, Cheri Cowell and includes everyone in between. There is a new, very experienced, addition to the staff, Janis Whipple. From day one her presence was a positive addition to the team. Everyone at EABooks is there to make your book a success


Philip Marcu, Author of Mighty Marlow 


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Working with EABooks Publishing has been a great experience. Their highly qualified team helped with each step of the process. They were always available to me and prompt with their responses to my questions and concerns. I'm very pleased with the quality of my finished book. I would not hesitate to work with EABooks Publishing on future projects.
Doris Hoover
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As a writer, I'm accustomed to sitting by myself and writing. That's the life of a writer. But working with the fine people at EABooks Publishing, I'm never alone. These are professional people that want to help you succeed and it'snot just one or two people; it's EVERYBODY in the company. It starts with the hands-on president who is a role model for all and it goes to everyone who takes their job seriously. The illustrator of my comics, Amber Waters, took my words and made them come alive. I told Amber that her pictures helped me better understand my story and my characters. Until I saw her pictures all I was able to see were words and names. When she finished the first comic book she said to me, "Here is your baby." I am proud to work with such a fine group of professionals.

Philip Marcu

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For several years, people told me I should write a book but it seemed too daunting. After talking with Cheri Cowell at the Florida Christian Writers Conference, I decided that maybe I could actually put my book together. I had known her for many years and trusted her to publish it for me. After healing somewhat from my grief, I was finally ready to compile devotionals dealing with my difficult journey. Employees of EABooks guided me through each step of the process. The finished product is truly my book from the cover, which has a picture I took, to each page of my writing. I am thrilled to have my book in print and on kindle so that others can be comforted and encouraged during their trials. 
Rebecca Carpenter
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I had a very positive experience with EABooks in publishing my book, The Invisible Hand of God at Work. After meeting the owner of EABooks, Cheri Cowell, I was convinced that she and her capable staff would do all they could to see that my dream of publishing a book would come to pass. It did come to pass and I am delighted with the product they produced for me. I would highly recommend EABooks to anyone considering publishing a book.

Larry E. Burd, Senior Pastor of Calvary Baptist Church, Easton, Pa
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EABooks was an answer to a four year prayer.  With such a complex curriculum book that included so many images and clip art, I knew I could not have brought Alphabet Smash to completion myself.  Dealing with your team was a personal and enjoyable experience. Not only was the work superb, but the relationships I made with you and your team (especially Bob and Dawn) are the best I have found in this business.  I have made new friends. Super grateful for you, this experience, and EABooks!
Christina Parker Brown   
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EABooks Publishing did the impossible for me.  I wanted to have Heartbreak to Hope: Overcoming the Anguish of Grief available for my parishioners by June 5th, the Sunday of my farewell celebration as their senior pastor.  I sent my book to EABooks on April 20th.  I did not think we could make that deadline.   Everyone I worked with at EABooks understood my schedule and dedicated themselves to making it happen.  I worked hard.  They worked hard.  On June 5th I had 400 printed books available for my friends at my farewell celebration, which was a huge blessing for me and for my church family.  Thank you, EABooks Publishing for making the impossible happen and for being personal, encouraging, professional, courteous and helpful throughout the process.  I wholeheartedly recommend EABooks Publishing.
Rev. Samuel L. Wright Sr., PhD
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Voilà!  Self-publishing, yesterday's struggling infant, has matured overnight!  My latest book—A Man From Another World—could have taken traditional publishers a year or more to release.  EABooks Publishing, my personal choice for self-publishing, made my work available—complete with ISBN, top-flight cover, careful design, print and e-book formats and initial publicity—in less than three months!
EABooks Publishing personnel aim to please!  Their e-mail and phone communiques emphasize their desire for customers to receive what they need and be pleased with the finished product.  E-mails are answered quickly, usually within only a few hours and always in less than 24 hours. I especially appreciate their knowledge of digital formats and markets for my 7th book, A Man From Another World, which allows my book greater exposure than might be possible through some self-publishing companies.  EABooks Publishing also provides excellent marketing suggestions--a real benefit to any author!
Don Richardson, author of
Peace Child, Eternity in Their Hearts, and other works 



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As authors we realize that putting our words on paper is only the beginning of getting our message to potential readers. The rest is in the hands of those who edit and create a clean copy for others to have an enjoyable experience when reading. We loved working with EABooks publishing because they not only met with us personally to catch our vision, but their amazing team came together to get things done with a professional look, in a timely manner. Thank you, EABooks for delivering our message to readers.


Joe and Michelle Williams, co-authors


International Center for Reconciling God’s Way, Inc. (ICRGW)


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I appreciate EABooks team for extending themselves beyond the limits of the agreement. They addressed concerns in a timely manner. I cannot underscore the diligence of the team in the conveying of the vision.The graphic designer worked hard in capturing the right image. I am  particularly grateful to Cheri who demonstrated kindness and patience.  


Jan Granger

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It was a pleasure working with a great team of talented and accessible people.  They were always helpful and answered my many questions without delay.  I am very satisfied with my first publication. 

Nina Locke

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My experience with EABooks Publishing was short of miraculous.  Even though I had to pull back from the process that we had started together, they graciously and GENEROUSLY kept our old agreement making possible for me to bring my life's love story to life — my dream came true!  This shows people with truly great hearts. They were careful, efficient and just the best I could have found! Thank you all so much!!! From the bottom of my heart.


Shulamit Lando

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EABooks has taken me from a daydreaming scribbler to a published author. The team helped me with personal attention from every aspect; grand design, specific page layout, line by line editing, audience outreach. I would not only recommend their services to new authors everywhere, but would encouraged established authors to go back to the beginning to see what they've missed. I'm lining up future projects for EAbooks to complete knowing they will be completed professionally and lovingly by a talented and dedicated staff.


Will Schmit

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My deepest thanks to the entire EABooks team for making my God inspired dream a reality! The team really came together to work with me, guide me, support me and encourage me during the entire process.  And a big thank you to Bob Ousnamer who worked many long hours with me. 

I am so very grateful and thankful for each person on staff at EABoooks.   They truly have a deep desire to serve, be professional and caring, and show the Father's heart in everything they do.
I highly recommend Cheir Cowell and her entire team!  A BIG thank you to each of you and may God truly bless you! 
Dana Marie Bucci
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The support I have received from  EABooks Publishing has been so encouraging. As I worked with the people on my team I sensed a deep desire on their part to come alongside my project and make it a reality.  Thank you Cheri, Roxanne, Dawn, and Bob for your gracious and competent assistance in bringing my book to life!
Liz Kimmel
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Thank you to the entire EABooks team.  I have always had a fear of sharing my stories with anyone besides my own children.  The kids convinced me to get something on paper and I'm glad I did.  EABooks guided me and supported me throughout the process.  The entire team made it possible to go from idea to book in hand over the summer. 
Farmer Dan
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Getting my book published loomed as formidable barrier until Cheri Cowell presented a clear path to global distribution. Along the way were many decisions and personal choices required of, but unanticipated by a first-time indie-published author. Fortunately, while the staff at EABooks Publishing were transforming my manuscript into a professionally formatted book, they patiently incorporated my wants in setting up the needed financial accounts, advertising materials, websites and social media tools. A few months later my book was on their publishing website and accessible in paperback and e-book at all major bookstores.
Mark A. Johnson, PhD.
Merry Mouse Christmas In Our Father's House by Patricia Galbreath
 My name is Patricia Galbreath.  I am author of the "Merry Mouse Church Mouse" book series for children.  I met Cheri Cowell with  EABooks Publishing, at St David's Christian Writer's Conference in Grove City, Pa. in 2014.  
     I was so impressed with her. I had gone to this conference for five years and decided she was  the person and publisher I wanted to work with.
     I have not been disappointed!!  She and her staff are so professional in every way.  I am soon to be 74 years old, so I had so much to learn and still have lots more to learn.  Everyone has been so wonderful to me, answering all my questions.  I think most important, they listen to me to learn what my dreams, my ideas, and my purpose for writing the Merry Mouse book series.  Their motto is "making your dream become a reality".  
     I pray that God will guide me every step and every word of what I write to glorify Him.  God Bless everyone at EABooks for "making my dream (God's dream) a reality".
Patricia Galbreath
FLOOD: A Wife for Shem by Laurie Boulden

EABooks has helped turn my dream into a reality. Their professional management provided interaction at every step of the publishing process. I'm pleased as can be with the final product. My excitement level is high. I'm grateful for everything they've done with Flood. A special shout out goes to Bob for the cover design and website. Amazing. Check it out for yourself: Cheri Cowell, Roxanne and Cheryl, thank you as well. God bless you all.


Laurie Boulden


Merry Mouse In Our Father's House by Patricia Galbreath

As a first time author, EABooks has made the process so easy and exciting.  Everyone has their job to do and does it with expertise.  I had lots of questions and they got right back to me and answered them.  They are  prepared and know all aspects of publishing.  They guided me along to make my dream of Merry Mouse become a reality.  Look at my website--I think it is beautiful.  And the illustrations!  A hearty “thank you” and "God Bless each and every one in the process of being "God's Disciples".  


Patricia C. Galbreath, Author


My relationship with EABooks began several months ago with a decision to publish my two out-of-print books. WhenTouching the Clouds: True Stories to Strengthen Your Faith needed a different cover, I was delighted with the new graphic design.

My second book, See You Later, Jeffrey, kept the original cover, but I updated the author page for both books. The EABooks team took me step by step through the process of preparation for Print on Demand and EBook formatting and also included marketing tips. I could not have found a more caring and professional publisher for this task, and I am thrilled with the results. I highly recommend Cheri Cowell and her entire team at EABooksPublishing.


Fran Caffey Sandin

For Teachers with Love by Dr, Ora Zohar

Our being referred to EABooks Publishing was a critical turning point in making the dream of For Teachers with Love come true.  The EABooks staff accompanied me and my team expertly, pleasantly and painlessly into the new world of publishing, taking our manuscript step by step to publish as both a print-on-demand and e-book.  Now our book is out there and people are reading it and enjoying it!  We are tremendously grateful for this service, and have already recommended EABooks Publishing to others who are looking to get their manuscripts published.


Dr. Ora Zohar

Discovering and Sharing Grace by Rick Christensen

I have written extensively (and will continue) about the importance of being a gentle witness. My heart breaks when I think about the people I know who will not even consider being introduced to Jesus due to the way they were approached. Some were judged. Some were preached at. Some were told they were not good enough. Some felt like they were on the wrong end of a sales presentation.


Other [publishers] tried to “sell” me on the benefits of their services and I’m sure some of them might produce a pretty good product. Only one problem. They just kept talking.


Before Cheri said a word about their services, she wanted to know about me! She wanted to know about my writing and where I was on my walk of faith! She wanted to see a sample of my work! She wanted to first get to know me as a person, not a prospect.


I was the one who had to bring up the cost of services.  I was the one who said, “let’s do this!”


The beautiful part of this message is knowing that I’m done looking for a business publishing partner. I found mine!


Rick Christensen

Arise by Deborah Lovett

"I have used EABooks for every single one of my three ebooks so far. I wouldn't dream of using anyone else, or even looking around to compare prices because I have never had one problem with their team. Everyone you deal with is professional, willing to go the extra mile with you, and your product will be exactly what you dreamed it would be. I highly recommend them!"


Deborah Lovett, Author of three EABOOKS!

Christian Mercy by D. Thompson

"Cheri Cowell from EABooks guided me smoothly through the complicated process of formatting my book as an ebook, and did the actual digital formatting for an affordable price. She made the editing process easy and was quick to answer my emails about what I did not understand. Her explanations were clear and she got the job done in a remarkably short period of time. I recommend EABooks to any author who is considering publishing an ebook or audiobook."


Dr. David Thompson, 

Tell Me About God, Grandpa by Shirley McCoy

“You did a beautiful job!  I am delighted with everything we talked about.  What I asked, you did - - and you did it all so well.  I began with the cover and looked at each page... just letting the overall impression sink in as far as pictures, placement.  When I got to the last page and saw my colored picture in black and white I thought even that was nice; and I heaved a very contented sigh.  I can't think of anything that could have been done better.  Thank you again, so very much.  May this product of our hands enter many homes and hearts and make an eternal difference in hundreds of lives.  It's been a pleasure and privilege to have worked with you.”


Shirley McCoy, Author and Great-Grandmother


YOU Were Made For Greatness! by Dr. MaryAnn Diorio


"My experience with EABooks was nothing short of outstanding. Cheri Cowell and Bob Ousnamer repeatedly went the extra mile to ensure that my two e-books were prepared with excellence, care, and professionalism.  In the process, I discovered two people who have become not only my go-to source for e-book conversion, but also very special friends."


Dr. MaryAnn Diorio, Novelist & Poet

To Live Each Moment by Janet Britton


 I wanted to reissue To Live Each Moment, the memoir I wrote for our children about my treatment year for breast cancer when I was 33.  The process was daunting. A friend convinced me to turn to EABooks.  The staff was efficient and warm. I'm now considering turning to them to get my novel out as an e-book, rather than wait for my agent to find a publisher in this depressed industry. (P.S. Though my goal was to preserve To Live Each Moment for my family, Amazon sold 35 copies in the first two days and 10 readers in the Smashwords market downloaded a sample, hopefully to eventually purchase it. I'm sure sales will quickly diminish as I run out of FB friends, but it has been an awesome ride.)


Janet Britton


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