Marketing Coaching

We don't believe marketing should be about you or your book. That's right. Our marketing focuses on your reader's hopes, dreams, fears, and faith questions. With our one-on-one three-to-four-month coaching, we will help you develop a marketing plan that is focused on your reader and how you are uniquely gifted and qualified to meet those needs. When we do that we turn marketing into ministry–and isn't that why we write the books we write? 


Marketing Coaching


Includes - 1) evaluation of where you are and what you need so we can tailor the program for you, 2) assessment of your reader’s hopes, dreams, fears, and faith questions and how you are uniquely qualified to meet those needs, 3) design your logo and business cards or bookmarks, 4) development of basic book launch fitting your unique needs, 5) creation of a marketing calendar so you know exactly what you are doing for the next several months, and 6) training on how to use and do everything we set up for you (see the next steps). Our coaches will work with you one-on-one for 3-4 months doing these things: 


Website/blog–We will either assess your current website or work with you to create a new website focused on the reader and not you as the writer. We want your website to be a place where your reader comes to find their needs met. We use a template program to create websites that are easily changed and managed by you and which are not expensive ($10-$20/mo). Our coaches will also help you understand how to use the same material written for your own website in other online sources to expand your reach.
Social Media–We will help you set up your Facebook and one other account, and then help you to set up an editorial calendar for posting so they are strategic and help drive traffic to your website. We will also show you how to use a scheduler so you can write the posts once, schedule them ahead of time, and then move on to other marketing or writing efforts.


Mailing Lists–We will help you understand how to use an email marketing program, set up the best contact collection service for your needs, and then show you how to use its features to reach your target market. 


"Marketing As Ministry"

by Cheri Cowell with Michelle Booth

"How was I to square that marketing wasn't to be about me or my book, with everything I was learning about marketing strategies for authors–it seemed like it was all about me?" The answer Cheri learned changed her approach to marketing. If you've spun your wheels in a million directions, have spent a ton of money jumping on every new bandwagon and you're worn out, Marketing as Ministry is written for you. Learn how a different focus will turn marketing into ministry and this often misunderstood part of Christian publishing into something you look forward to doing.


Cheri Cowell is a multi-published award-winning author and the founder of EABooks Publishing. Cheri's passion to impact the Kingdom of God through her own writing and through her publishing company shines through in this book as she helps you to reach the world with the message God's given you.


Michelle Booth has been helping clients tell their stories for more than twenty years. She has edited the memoir of a former NBA basketball player, ghostwritten nonfiction manuscripts, and authored articles throughout her career. Michelle is Managing Editor for EABooks Publishing and is honored to ghostwrite this book.

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