Complete Marketing Coaching

As authors, we are connectional people. Your followers want to feel connected to you and Social Media offers that expansive opportunity in the widest possible distribution arena. Our Marketing and Social Media training programs will give you the hands-on experience to build a loyal following in your global neighborhood. Your marketing coach will work with you one-on-one for up to three months until you are confident in handling your marketing programs. Take advantage of the Complete Marketing Program or purchase just the parts you need.


During our initial discussions we will perform the following services:
1) Evaluate where you are and what you need so we can tailor the program for you.
2) Assess your reader's hopes, dreams, fears, and faith questions and how you are uniquely qualified to meet those needs.
3) Develop a basic book launch fitting your unique needs.
4) Create an editorial calendar so you know exactly what you are doing for the next several months.
5) Train you on how to use and do everything we set up for you.

Coaching + Website & Blog Development

We will either assess your current website or work with you to create a new website focused on the reader and not you as the writer. We want your website to be a place where your reader comes to find their needs met. We use a template program to create websites that are easily changed and managed by you and which are not expensive ($10-$20/mo).


Coaching + Social Media Marketing

We will help you set up your Facebook and Litsy accounts, and then help you to set up an editorial calendar for posting so they are strategic and help drive traffic to your website. We will also show you how to use a scheduler so you can write the posts once, schedule them ahead of time, and then move on to other marketing or writing efforts.

Coaching + Mailing Lists

We will help you understand how to use an email marketing program, set up the best contact collection service for your needs, and then show you how to use its features to reach your target market.


Additional Services & Materials


Some authors also find a need for additional materials like ads, posters, flyers, bookmarks, photos, etc. Our creative professionals can assist you in crafting these materials in ready-to-print format from a number of online vendors. During the evaluation, we will assess if any of these additional services would be helpful to you. Note, these services carry additional fees:


Consulting & Technical Support


Our goal is to get you up and running your own marketing program as quickly as possible. Our programs are designed so You will be handling updates to your website, blog articles and social media campaigns in short order. However, sometimes the road to marketing can be daunting and some of us need additional steering assistance to “stay-between-the-lines”. We have developed several avenues of support for you to take advantage of – after all, our whole goal is to help you become more successful and sell more books, seminars or speaking engagements. 


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