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"The Perfect Place To Pray" by Angel Clove

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The Perfect Place to Pray delivers a fresh and new approach to listening and hearing God’s voice. By mixing modern-day predicaments with an understanding that comes forth like wisdom from the Old Testament, Angel Clove will help you better recognize God’s will and guidance in your life. The Perfect Place is the perfect read for those who want to grow in their faith journey.

"Forgiving Day By Day" by Judith Ingram

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Forgiveness is a holy practice every Christian needs for a vital and effective spiritual life. Yet, despite all the good reasons to forgive, we still find that forgiving does not come easily. Particularly with our oldest and deepest wounds, we may believe forgiveness is impossible. We want to obey God and follow the way of Christ, but injury has drawn a line we cannot cross. Thus trapped at the edge of our obedience, we cannot step ahead with God because pain and bitterness keep our attention fixed on the past.

  • "My abuser took something from me that I'll never get back."
  • "I thought she was my friend. I'll never trust her again."
  • "If I forgive him, it's like saying what he did to me didn't matter."
  • "She doesn't deserve my forgiveness."
  • “I’ll never be whole again.”

Forgiving Day by Day: Practicing God’s Ways in Our Relationships can help the Christian take that next step with God into a new way of life, free from resentment and the bitter pain of past injuries. This twelve-week study offers daily devotionals drawn from Scripture that explore topics related to forgiveness, relationships, and discipleship. Essays, prayers, and reflective exercises provide opportunities to learn and practice new skills and underscore the importance of cultivating a personal relationship with God.

Loving and forgiving the people who hurt us are unnatural acts that require supernatural help. Take the challenge and see how God will use this study to reshape your heart and transform the way you see yourself and the people who have harmed you.

"Live In The Victory" by Charlotte Mays

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Just months before Charlotte’s family was suddenly plunged into a trial of deep darkness after the arrest of her eldest son, God gave her a powerful vision. She saw the Lord on a glorious mountaintop, then felt His hand holding hers as they ran through a deep valley. Little did she know then, she and her family would soon to take a ten-year journey through a dark, demon-filled valley.

As she faced the specifics of her son’s struggle—and dealt with her own emotional battle to remain strong and stable for him—the Lord began to give her “battle instructions” from the Bible. Through these instructions, she learned how to participate with the Lord in the spirit realm and how to rejoice in her yet-to-come victories, even during the darkest days. By following His marching orders, she became an overcomer, reclaimed her children’s God-given purpose and destiny, and won the victory God had promised from the very beginning.

These strategies to living in victory now will impact any parent who is grieving over a prodigal child, or anyone who needs encouragement that God will turn things around in their life. Charlotte’s story is living proof that these God-given battle instructions are weapons of mass destruction against the powers of hell!

You will discover how to:

  • Rejoice now in the coming victory, even in the midst of great trials
  • Prophesy God’s Word over the dead places in your loved ones’ lives
  • Get on through what you are going through and into a place of victory
  • Participate in the fight and see those bound in darkness set free and raised back to life
  • Pass the test and gain the victor’s crown!

"A Place For Me In God's Tent" by Terry Murphy

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Imagine looking at God’s self-portrait and seeing yourself sketched right into the picture. That’s just what God did when He drew up His plans for the tabernacle in the wilderness. Take a step by step, personal tour of God’s holy habitation in this devotional and discover how He made a place for us there.A Place for Me in God’s Tent is set up in three, six-week parts, with thirty short devotions in each one. Part One, “The Tabernacle and Me,” depicts how we as individuals function as God’s dwelling place. Part Two, “The Tabernacle and We,” presents the family of God as the many parts of His larger tent, the body of Christ. Part Three, “The Tabernacle and He,” shows how the tabernacle reflects Christ Himself as our ultimate abiding place and refuge.The book can be used for personal contemplation or as a guide for group study. Each devotion contains a reading, a reflection, and a prayer. These are followed by a “Deeper Still” segment where the reader can discover how Scripture echoes each day’s theme elsewhere. Each devotion ends with a prompt for further reflection or journaling. Discussion questions at the end of each week serve as conversation starters for those reading the book as a group.As you read A Place for Me in God’s Tent, don’t forget to look for the companion Facebook group page mentioned in the Introduction to ask questions, share insights, join conversations, and find additional illustrations of the tabernacle.

"Anticipatory Grief" by Tracy K. Pratt

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"This should not be," the soul cries at the first sign death will come to what we treasure. Yes, we grieve when we anticipate loss. It has an official name: Anticipatory Grief. Our unique journeys share a universal heartache that began long ago. The climate of uncertainty creates an underlying tension that does not go away until the loss is final. We live in a season where what we love fades and we hope death will not come. The heartache is real and life-changing whether death threatens a marriage, the health of a family member, or a dream come true. Our choice to engage with grief, or not, shapes the health of our soul. Anticipatory Grief, The Journey of a Thousand Losses and Endless Grace will:• identify the specific characteristics of the daily tension• identify four types of loss unique to anticipatory grief• identify the effects on existing relationships• acknowledge the unpredictable emotions and show how to engage them with honesty and wisdom• provide small habits for the daily health for the soul. From the first chapter to the last, we see our circumstances are not judgment. Nor is grief a sin. This good and faithful presence showed up the moment death entered the world. Good? Yes, for anticipatory grief's abrasive qualities lead us to God, the Grace-Giver, whose good nature we naturally assume should protect what we love. We wonder why He denies our pleas. Instead, God comes with an invitation to rest. To trust. He is well acquainted with our grief in a way no one has experienced. We can know mercy in the little losses, discover grace on hard days, and trust His hope in disappointment when we grieve before death comes to our treasure.

"You Can Stop Bullying" by Darylann Whitemarsh

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Have you ever seen or heard unkind and mean behaviors in your school? Maybe you have seen students being unfriendly, disrespectful to other students, teachers, or their parents. What about someone hitting, punching, or kicking another student? Another area that shows up in school that you may have seen or heard is someone spreading rumors or calling someone a bad name. When you see or hear this, how does it make you feel? You may not be the victim now, but you witness this and wonder, when am I the next one to be picked on?

Bullying happens in all schools. What you just read are ways bullying occurs. You know bullying is happening, but you ask yourself, “What can I do about it?” In this book there are examples of bullying dilemmas that you face during your 180 days in school. Bullying dilemmas of all kinds are used by a bully to hurt other people or to make themselves feel better about themselves.

What is a dilemma? A dilemma is a real-life situation that happens where you have to make a very difficult choice between two or more options. You could also think of a dilemma as a tough, hard-to-solve situation or problem. The dilemmas you read and answer in this book are real and have happened in elementary schools just like yours. Here you get to write your own answer to how you would solve the dilemma on each page. That way you will learn about real-life situations where bullying occurs, understand it better, become a person who can make the right choices, and learn how to respond to a bully or a bullying situation.

After you have read the dilemma and thinking about how to solve the dilemma, how do you know you are making the right decision? What did you use to guide your decision? Here are some ways that will help guide you in your decision-making process:

  • •Talk with your parents about the dilemma and get their opinion.
  • •Talk with your teacher and ask him or her if your choice makes sense and if it’s leading you to be a person of character. (A person of character is respectful and responsible.)
  • •If you have brothers or sisters, read the dilemmas with them, and all of you can decide on a good response.
  • •Discuss with your parents or teacher what a person of character is or is not?
  • •Ask your teacher if you can use these dilemmas to discuss with the entire class.
  • •If you are faith based, use this as your foundation for solving your dilemmas.
  • •Ask yourself: What does a good person do in this situation? What is the right thing to do?

All of these will help lead you to a clear response to your dilemma. Remember that you can use more than one of these processes to decide if you made the right choice. That means you can talk with your parents or teacher to help you solve these dilemmas.

When you start reading the dilemmas, you need a plan to understand what you can do to solve them. Try these four steps: Think, Decide, Act, Reflect (T-D-A-R)

Think: After you have read the dilemma, think about it and decide if it’s right or wrong for a person to do this.

Decide: Next, decide exactly what you would do. In other words, “what steps will you take to make the right choice in solving this dilemma?”

Act: Then, once you have made your decision of what to do, act on your decision. Do what you think is best.

Reflect: After you have solved the dilemma, ask yourself “Did my response move me in the right direction?”

Remember as you read the dilemmas, you are trying to understand and see what bullying is so you can react and respond to any dilemma in a positive way now and in the future.

"Finally Free" by Patty Mason

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Millions are suffering, facing an onslaught of pain and despair that seems unending. Countless individuals are trapped under the weight of depression. Where is help? Where are the answers? Can freedom ever be theirs again?Patty Mason knows the pain and devastation of depression, but she is no longer in that dark place! Her passion and deep-seated conviction to help others learn the truth and break the cycle, compelled Patty to extend hope by earnestly sharing her story of how she became Finally Free, Breaking the Bonds of Depression without Drugs. Also included, guidance and practical help for caregivers. As well as looking at depression from a biblical perspective.

"The Catch" by Myrna Griffith

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A mystery girl is spirited one night into Harrington House, a girls' boarding school in up-state New York. Detective Otto Van Hulster is awakened by his aunt, Anna Gorham, who runs the school. A badly bloodied, new death man has been found at the school back cellar entrance.Come, follow Otto, or "Van" as he prefers to be called, and his side-kick, Jimbo, as they navigate the twists, turns and clues to find the catch that solves the puzzle.

"Love Nuggets: A 31-Day Journey of Insight and Encouragement for Romantics Everywhere" by O. Lamonte Roberson

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Love Nuggets is a 31-day journey that is designed with both singles and couples in mind. It is intended to be a catalyst for conversation and/or prayer among those who identify as single and interested in a romantic relationship, seriously dating or married. The writer’s hope is that the reader(s) will discover things about themselves and their relationship that they were unaware of and/or be challenged by areas that perhaps either person may being shying away from within the relationship. Each day the reader will be invited to wrestle with a thought for the day, scripture for meditation and a question to create a dialogue with their mate, friends, and family members.

"A Cry of The Heart: Human trafficking, One Survivor's True Story" by Debra Rush & Penelope Childers

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Forced into sex trafficking as a teenager, Debra Rush makes a daring escape then struggles for years with post-traumatic stress. A reluctant mentor supports Debra through the healing of her past. A commitment to save her friends leads to unexpected alliances. In forgiving those who betrayed her, she opens her heart and finds real love. Her true story proves no one is beyond redemption. Journey with Debra from despair to success and find a reason to hope.

"HEAD LINES" by Will Schmitt

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Usually a page purposely left blank is not the most important aspect of a book, but the blank pages in Head Lines invert that premise by emphasizing the reader's written response as a completion, or compliment, to each poem or essay in this 60 day devotional guide to personal psalmistry. Will Schmit's poems are as at home on a forest trail as they are in a prison yard, or a back road with the windows down. Head Lines is the perfect pocket companion to explore wonder, or confront befuddlement and would make a perfect addition to anyone's spiritual survival skill library.

"A Quaker Behind the Dream" by Brenda Walker Beadenkopf

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Many Americans think of the Religious Society of Friends—also known as Quakers—as passive individuals who avoid modern conflicts. Nothing could be further from the truth. As Brenda Walker Beadenkopf reveals in this narrative biography of her Quaker father, Charles Walker, Friends were passionate about confronting social injustices, especially racial segregation of the 1950s and '60s.

In 1949 Walker helped introduce Martin Luther King, a young seminary student near Philadelphia, to nonviolence. Walker went on to steadfastly support Dr. Martin Luther King’s nonviolent campaign and became a key trainer and writer of training materials for the Civil Rights Movement. He taught nonviolence as an effective method of protest and developed a working relationship with Dr. King and other prominent activists.

Walker wrote the first training handbook for the Movement, served as an organizer for the March on Washington, and was staff trainer for the 1964 Freedom Summer. This book provides a unique inside view of the training and support that took place behind the headlines.

A Quaker behind the Dream illuminates Walker’s amazing legacy and enormous influence on the Civil Rights Movement. It is a moving story that deserves to be widely known about humanity, conviction, and faith.

"Chilhowee Legacy: A Young Woman's Journey to the Truth" by Reba Rhyne

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Melva Tipton lives in Chilhowee, Tennessee. She is a feisty, outdoorsy, young girl with her own mind, which is encouraged by her parents, Noah and Nancy Tipton. Noah is the owner of Tipton Mercantile. Melva sees a handsome man, Burl Whitehead and decides she will marry him. Meantime, Melva receives another botched proposal from her best friend’s brother. She turns him down, causing a rift in the relationship with the sister which never mends. Burl is in no mood to be caught. But circumstances change his mind. After their marriage, Melva has a hard but idyllic life until faced with a terrible tragedy. This precipitates a decision she must make. Like before, Melva heads for her Secret Place where she mulls the problem with the help of the family Bible. When a voice in her ear whispers, “Melva, I have chosen you, why haven’t you chosen me,” she must make a decision. This choice will change her life. This book is set against the building of the ALCOA dams on the Little Tennessee River, prohibition, the before, during, and after World War I, and the measles epidemic and depression of the thirties.

"WisdomBuilt" by Dr. Paul Linzey

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WisdomBuilt Biblical Principles of Marriage combines wisdom from the Bible, clinical research, and personal experience to show couples how to build a great marriage, and provides congregational leaders a practical plan for helping the couples in their care. The result is an accessible, easy-to-follow book that may be used in couples classes, sermon series, seminars, or retreats. It also may be helpful in counseling and private conversations, or by the couples themselves. WisdomBuilt presents twelve principles for a joyful, fulfilling marriage. Taking a very practical approach, the author shows the reader what works and what doesn’t, what’s biblical and what isn’t, what makes sense and what doesn’t. Because it draws from the three sources of wisdom, it is part Bible study, part counseling, and part storytelling. Easy to read and follow, readers will find it to be the most interesting and helpful book on marriage they’ve ever seen. The theme verses for the book are Proverbs 24:3-4: “By wisdom a house is built, and through understanding it is established; through knowledge its rooms are filled with rare and beautiful treasures.” Putting the twelve principles into action, couples will experience joy, success, and fulfillment, paving the way for their marriage to last a lifetime.

"Manny the Lamb" by Rick Lancaster & Delores Kight

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Manny the Lamb -- a delightful story about a lovable lamb who wanders away from the flock – and Jessie, the faithful shepherd who rescues him. When Manny and his friend Joy discover a hole in the stone fence, Manny wants to squeeze through it to taste the grass on the other side. Joy reminds Manny that Shepherd Jessie told them not to go past the fence. But Manny doesn’t listen. After Manny gets to the other side, he nibbles the delicious grass, walking farther and farther away from Joy, until ultimately, he can’t find his way back. When Manny hears noises in the bushes, he imagines wild animals nearby. He wishes he had listened to Joy. The heartwarming ending shows Jessie rescuing Manny. Then the kind shepherd lifts the little lamb onto his shoulders and carries him home. Children will love Manny – both the story and the illustrations.


"A Spiritual Odyssey: Timely Visits to Biblical Times" by Albert Douglas

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As you mentally visit biblical events you will be there with great men of God to share their awesome encounter with God. Through the God given gift of your imagination you will feel what they are feeling, and experience the wonder of their divine encounter. You will be a silent observer and interpreter of their words and actions, as they face their moment of truth before God. Indeed, as you share in their encounters with God, the loving kindness and the tender mercy of almighty God will be revealed in the most wonderful way. Through the power of your imagination that is inspired by the Word you will be transported mentally to witness Abraham speaking face to face with God in the flesh, Moses at the burning bush, Elijah as he confronted the wind, the earthquake, and the fire. And you will also witness Jesus in the manger, Jesus on the Mount of Transfiguration, Jesus on the cross, and the resurrected Jesus leaving his tomb. Indeed, your spiritual odyssey will be an awesome and glorious experience.

"Questioning God's Will " by Mark A. Johnson, PhD

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Somehow life enticed two expressive soulmates, a struggling farmer and a high-school teacher, to regularly set aside time each week for over a year to carefully script their thoughts on the issues and events unfolding about them. Life had them fall in love as the economy tanked and another world war threatened.

This came about in 1937 when Walter met Margaret at a church outing at summer's end in Greeley, Colorado where she was visiting her sister shortly before returning to her job in Washburn, North Dakota. They married thirteen months later. Aside from two brief visits, their letters contain all of the premarital thoughts that they exchanged. 
Questioning God is the second book in A Lettered Courtship, a trilogy with an edited version of their correspondence at its core. Because these two expressive soulmates were to become my parents, I was often privy to how their understandings played out in their work and relationships and was always well aware of how they played out in mine. I have come to see the understandings and choices in these letters not as answers, but doors and angles into my own life and relationships and perhaps those of the reader. I have included extended takes on their concerns with our fundamental sources of truth, the changing world order, and the open tomb.

"The 90 Minute Window " by Matthew J. Shaw

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There is an appointment we all are required to make in this journey called life. The only reason anyone is still in time is because they have been given a purpose, and grace, mercy and love of God. God is willing to give you as much time as possible to help you fulfill your purpose and your assignment. This is a story of love, a story of faith, and a story of power rising above all odds!Embracing rebellion at the tender age of 14. Not able to love, receive love or give love. All that was important was me, myself and I. Love came seeking him out, from an avenue least likely to expect. Broke the chains of rebellion, disobedience and healed the scars of being a victim at the age of 26. No more victim but victorious even in the valley of the shadows of death.

"An Offering of Love " by Bette J. Lafferty

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An Offering of Love is a collection of inspirational poems and short stories drawn from the memories of my life’s adventures and is dotted with love, humor, pain and sadness. Some of the poems are straight forward while others challenge the reader to fill in the blanks. Some document my move to Texas, others are lighthearted and silly. Some rhyme, but most are free verse and easy to read. Many of the stories share how my faith in Jesus Christ turned tragedy into victory. The book also contains numerous examples of how real-life problems are solved with acts of kindness, raw courage and great compassion. Forgiveness is an unspoked thread woven throughout the manuscript. Love and purpose can be found on every page. An Offering of Love is written to entertain, inspire and perhaps encourage the reader to write their own life stories before it is too late. If I can learn at 82 years old how to capture the stories about myself, my friends and family members in spite of my dyslexia, and set them in ink for safe keeping, I believe anyone can. You just have to be willing to take the time. You won’t regret it. Your family may even thank you. T. S. Eliot said, “Only those who risk going too far can possibly find out how far they can go.”

"Jesus and the Addict: Twelve Bible Studies for People Getting Free from Drugs " by Dr. Pam Morrison

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Jesus and the Addict: Twelve Bible Studies for People Getting Free from Drugs is for leaders in Christian faith-based recovery to guide their communities toward freedom from drugs. The book contains studies on issues such as overcoming fear, having hope, and dealing with forgiveness. Jesus Christ is the answer in all these things. The book is intended for pastors, mentors, sponsors, and teachers – anyone working in jail, prison, transitional communities, or churches.




"Without A Dime" by Jack Arrington

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“If you’re not drawing your own lines, you’re coloring in someone else’s dream.” – Jack Arrington, Without a Dime

Without a Dime unpacks author Jack Arrington’s legacy – the multimillion-dollar business owner’s top 27 secrets to success for launching and growing readers’ own businesses. Without a Dime gives business creatives the whole package: practical insights and tried-and-true tips and tricks for turning entrepreneurial dreams into total success. Without a Dime shows readers how Arrington became a self-made, million-dollar man who transformed himself from a teen working odd jobs into a well-respected owner and president of many companies in the Tampa Bay area. In Without a Dime, the late entrepreneur lays out his blueprint for aspiring entrepreneurs to find their own success in life, love, and business.


Each chapter imparts Arrington’s sound business principles sandwiched between real-life stories that will leave readers nodding in agreement, laughing uncontrollably, and eager to try his tricks of the trade to grow their own companies. Without a Dime’s top secrets, like “You first must have an understanding to have a revelation” and “Personal development is the gift you give to yourself and your family. Keep learning. Always make yourself more valuable” give readers building blocks of truth for a firm foundation in their own endeavors. From falling into an ice box to falling in love with his life partner Kathy, Arrington exposes every aspect of his life, love and business – the good, the bad, and the hysterically funny.


Arrington’s sheer enthusiasm for life makes Without a Dime a priceless tool for any reader who wants to get ahead in the business world. Despite the fact that Arrington got kicked out of high school and could not read or write until he was in his thirties, he found success in life, love, and business. In Without a Dime, Arrington passes on his top tips and success secrets to help other business owners increase. Written exclusively for those who want to launch themselves to the next levelWithout a Dime encourages entrepreneurs and imparts wisdom for every step of the journey. Readers will strike it rich as they unearth “pure veins of gold” on every page of this treasure-packed book. With wit, wisdom, and a huge helping of humor, Without a Dime shares Arrington’s rags-to-riches story and reveals best practices for succeeding as an entrepreneur, accumulating wealth, and experiencing your best life now.


"Echoes From A Small Town..." by Tim H. Webb

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Reminiscence of growing up in a small town, Piedmont, Alabama, in the ‘50 and ‘60s. These stories will take you to a simple time and place you may have experienced in your childhood. You will visit gone away places, salt of the earth people and events that shaped a young boy’s values and created heart-warming memories that last a lifetime. From Laughing to crying to criticizing, you will experience a full range of emotions on this journey.

"Praise the Lord and Pass the Chemo" by Elaine W. Miller

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When cancer surprised Elaine W. Miller, instead of wondering Why me, she pondered What now? How then will I live the rest of my days? Praise the Lord and Pass the Chemo: A Hopeful Response to a Hard Reality encourages cancer warriors and those who love them to see cancer not as an obstacle, but as an opportunity to love deeper, live fuller, laugh louder, sing sweeter, and shine brighter. Take God's hand and join Elaine's spiritual journey through cancer. Blending Biblical truths with lessons learned from fellow travelers, she shows there is a hopeful response to the hard reality of cancer.

"Is Love In The Rain?" by Brenda Sue Bynum

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Is Love In The Rain? What was bothering A.Z. Ray? Does God still love us, even when we do something wrong? How to find God’s love is more important to A.Z. Ray than catching a whopper. Just how does God’s love come to us? Asking his daddy about the splish-splash rain, the whooshing wind, and even quacky ducks leads A.Z. Ray to the truth. A.Z. Ray comes to learn: The sign of God’s love is all about us in the awesome nature he created. Best of all, God forgives us and gives us his love with his very own Son, Jesus.

"Follow Me!: Six Lessons on How to be a Disciple of Jesus" by Tim Vanden Langenberg

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These are exciting times! The church is a potent force in God’s plan to save the world through Jesus Christ. Follow Me! is a map that can be used for one-on-one mentoring, in small groups, or by whole churches. This book takes disciples from where they are to where God wants them to be, through studying the Bible, worshiping with the church, praying, and living up to God’s calling of full potential. Follow Me! is designed help Christians live like Jesus in the world today. Included in this six-part discipleship study are sessions on: • Telling Others About Jesus • Praying – The Secret to Following Christ • The Importance of Reading & Studying Your Bible • Connecting to the Body of Christ, A Local Church • Following Your Pastor – Your Shepherd • Spirit-Led Living. May God bless you on this journey.

"Broken Butterflies: Emerging Through Grief, A Suicide Survivor's Poetic Journal" by Karisa Moore

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How does anyone survive losing a child to suicide, let alone grieve with hope? Where is God in our suffering? How does God take evil and turn it to good? Broken Butterflies Emerge: A Survivor of Suicide’s Poetry Passage Through Grief answers in a mother’s unique, passionate, voice: - Love God and others who suffer, with your whole heart - God mourns with you, gives comfort, and declares, “Death, where is thy sting!” - God transforms you into head-turning butterflies through His brokenness Losing her teenage son in 2014 to suicide both brought her to her knees and elevated her to new purpose. She has encouraged others with her devotionals and poetry on her blog: Turning the Page on Suicide. She does not shy away from wrestling with the devastation of suicide, while keeping aware of the grit of God’s faithfulness. A broken butterfly emerges as the fragile, yet resilient symbol of God’s purpose for sorrow. Her poems speak to parents, teens, and individuals wounded by depression and suicide. She defiantly declares that the enemy does not win when we put our faith and trust in Christ. Your life, even in harsh circumstances can be shaped for good in the hands of God. She provides writing prompts and opportunities to journal on each page, encouraging you to grieve with hope. Includes No Regrets Mother Mary, second-place poetry winner of the Blue Ridge Mountain Christian Writer’s Conference Foundation Awards.

"The Adventures of SleepyMan" by Simone Nash

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This story was inspired by true events. The story is about a rambunctious toddler named Malcolm, who wants to do anything but go to sleep! Mom tells Malcolm after he wakes up he will be taller and stronger, he is not going for it. Mom begins to tell Malcolm a story about the Adventures of Sleepy Man. Malcolm is not able to keep those dreamy eyes open until the end of the story. This story will be engaging and interactive, a favorite for all inquisitive exploring and curious toddlers.

"Bully with the Big Lips" by Carletta Gaines

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A student stands up to the school bully even though she is afraid. The bully picks on the wrong student and this time, she learns a valuable lesson. The school bully takes her classmates' lunch and have an allergic reaction after eating raspberries. The teacher talks to the class about bullying and the bully apologizes to the class.

"My Cherokee Rose" by Reba Rhyne

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Usually, the death of a loved one soon ends or at least reduces their influence on those they leave behind. Not so with Maddie Whitehead Ryeton. A single red rose in a funeral bud vase, and the bequeath of a used, taped-up USPS box with JENNI scrawled in her grandmother’s handwriting, pique the young girl’s curiosity. Were they related? How? She sets out to find the answer. Where would that search take her? With her deceased, scheming grandmother’s blessing and a phone number, she heads to Meadowview, Kentucky, and into a family filled with Christ’s love. Would this new experience and an old minister named Abbott Kendall, lead to the unlocking of the iron gate on her own heart?

"Branch Living" by Lisa Schnedler

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This book is for you, if: 
You know there is more you could be doing with your life. You are tired of living a life that feels like someone else’s. You feel you aren’t using your gifts. You are afraid you will “die with your music in you.” 
I also have felt like this. 
But, I have learned the way out. It is Branch Living. 
What is Branch Living? 
It isn’t a formula. It’s not a method. 
It’s a pathway. 
If you follow the steps in this book, you will find joy. Your life will have more meaning. You will use your gifts more fully. You will have richer relationships. You will know you are living a life that matters. 
Your life will not be perfect—no one’s life is—but you will have joy and a sense of direction. 
You might be asking how I can make such a claim. I do so with great confidence because I didn’t develop this path—I discovered it. And now that I have, I want to share it with you. 
I discovered this path by reaching a point in my life when I felt overwhelmed, unfulfilled, and exhausted. I was a Christian, but I was still trying to live my life on my own terms, believing if I just worked harder, longer, tried more, everything would work out. I wore a heavy yoke and came to a point where I just simply could no longer bear it. 
As I said, I didn’t create this path, nor am I the first one to walk it. God, who created you and me, laid out a perfect pathway for us. He will walk along with us, but we need to take the steps.


Lisa Schnedler

"What If I'm Wrong: The Atheist's Nightmare" by Ron Warren, MM

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What if you thought something was true, and you found out it was wrong, when would you want to know it?

Ron Warren was a good atheist. He applied five major battlegrounds that an atheist would use.

These battlegrounds asks the questions:

  • Does God Exist?
  • Is the Bible True?
  • Is there a Resurrection?
  • Is Jesus God?
  • Is Jesus the only way to God?

In these battlegrounds his weapons was questions, gently attacking the believers through the “WHY” of their belief.

He understood that the “WHAT” of their faith was the doctrines and traditions. The “HOW” of their faith was the process of their actions, but the “WHY” was their purpose.


By applying doubt to the believer’s “WHY,” the same doubt would move into the “HOW” and the “WHAT” of their faith.


When Ron realized he was wrong, he began to use stronger facts to change the battlegrounds.

What does this mean to you?


As an atheist, you have your answers, but are you sure you have all the facts? What are the consequences if you are wrong?

As a believer, have you ever doubted your faith and wished you had answers to fight your battlegrounds? How do you counterattack what the atheist is giving you?


This book opens the door to both the atheist and the believer. It can change or destroy the atheist’s foundation and strengthen and consolidate the believer’s trust and faith in God.


"I Promise" by Stephen Hogue

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Justin is a young boy who is hurting. Many people in his life have broken their promises. And now, his world has been turned upside down. He has just become a foster child. He’s confused, scared, and doesn’t trust adults. Join him on his journey through his difficult life as he finds someone who never breaks His promises.

"My Grandpa's New Puppy" by LeslieJean Anderson

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Who says there is a generation gap? It disappears when love bridges it with compassion. Jaime’s Grandpa can’t get over the loss of his beloved show dog, who wandered off during a move. His grandson Jaime hears his grief and is motivated to do something. With his mother’s help, he looks for a new puppy to make Grandpa happy, and soon the quiet homestead is popping with puppy action! This book will warm the hearts of the readers as they see how Jaime’s dreams come true along with his Grandpa’s. This book is destined to be an intergenerational favorite.

"The Assault On Freedom In America" by Mac Taylor

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The Assault On Freedom In America will inform you about the assault that is being waged against your freedom and what you can do about it. You will see why and who is behind the constant clamor of destructive criticism of America. You will learn of the common themes and people that exist within each of the seemingly diverse protests which are adding to the individual and societal divisions within our country. The Assault on Freedom In America, with its focus on freedom's principles and not politics, will encourage you and reveal how we fix America, by fixing ourselves. You will learn what made America great in the first place. Why America is special and how we can make America, America again. Our country and our freedom is under the most serious assault in our lifetime. The very types of cunning assaults that our first President George Washington prophetically warned of. We the people must, therefore, come to grips with the fact that attention to our beloved America is needed now more than ever. If we do this, then together we can defend our country against The Assault On Freedom In America.


"Confessions of a Cheerful Giver" by Judy Madsen Johnson

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How does it make you feel when you give to a charity, a ministry, or directly to a person in need? Do you give from abundance? Has it ever hurt to give? Have you ever made a personal sacrifice at cost to your own security and comfort?


You’ve often heard, “It is more blessed to give than to receive.” Has this been your experience?


Judy Madsen Johnson shares lessons learned from both aspects of giving. She began studying her correct role as a Christian when she was a single mother of three, barely making ends meet.


What she learned, produced a life-changing attitude that led to exciting adventures and faith-stretching exercises. The more she began to give, the more God blessed the gift and the giver. She found innovative ways to share time, talent and money that increased rewards in every area of her life. None of this was her own doing. The answers to her earlier questions came from the Bible. Scriptures like Matthew, chapter 21:22, (KJV) “And all things, whatsoever ye shall ask in prayer, believing, ye shall receive.” “And my God will meet all your needs according to his glorious riches in Christ Jesus” Philippians 4:19, (RSV).


But there was still another element, supernatural leadings that prompted her to do things that couldn’t have been foreseen. Nudges, or promptings by the Holy Spirit filled in many blanks: She prayed, “How much does a single-engine airplane cost?” Offer them $30,000. The $30,000 was accepted by the owner after coming down $22,000 on his price. And the Rancho del Rey Boys Ranch replaced their wrecked airplane. (Judy had adopted two of their sons, adding to her family of three biological children.)


Again, after receiving her income tax refund, “Who shall I write this check/tithe to: __________ or ____________?” Send it to the family your Sunday School class took up a special offering for (three months ago). The $500 check was the deposit needed for a c-section –the couple had no insurance to cover this expense for their daughter’s birth, and it was due the same day the check arrived.


Even the purchase of a timeshare resulted in a variety of gifts given over the years, and it began by buying a diamond ring from a friend who wanted to donate the proceeds to her church’s building fund. Then, Judy used the ring as a down payment on the timeshare. The final use was given to an abused wife and mother of seven who needed a place of escape until she could make plans for their safe relocation.


Missions took on a more significant meaning as she helped send grandchildren to the foreign field, or made tours herself with groups on a Christian pilgrimage, even behind the Iron Curtain during the waning days of the fall of Communism. Smuggling Bibles into Hungary, 10 suitcases (those containing the Bibles) out of 40 were not searched.


As Judy grappled with a diagnosis of pancreatic cancer, she had even more things to give away. The outlook for surgery had mixed doctors’ opinions. And deciding she might not survive the operation, she chose where her clothes, furniture, jewelry, and all the rest were to find new owners. There are some interesting outcomes in the distribution of her worldly possessions and what she kept.


Turn to the book’s Epilogue and read why this book was written. Why now? As a receiver, she has been blessed with innumerable prayers for healing and good health. The cancer seems hidden or gone as of this writing. Perhaps too soon to declare it cured, but the author considers each day an extension of God’s grace and mercy. It is a gift. And she prays not to waste it.


Judy Madsen Johnson                                www.judymadsenjohnson.com

"Artificial Intelligence and Free Will on the First Day of Kindergarten" by Ralph Difiore 

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Do humans have free will? Are we merely deterministic automatons? Will artificial intelligence ever become equal to human consciousness? Will AI take over the world as predicted by some? These major questions that challenged philosophers throughout the ages and today are addressed in this succinct but powerful short book. The author skillfully navigates these very important subjects and the end result is one that shall comfort those who fear AI will take over and those who do not feel humans are mindless automatons. With the onslaught of scientism that reduces humans to mere mindless automatons, this refreshing book shows that free will is real and that the human mind can never be replicated by artificial intelligence. In a concise and logical fashion, the book demonstrates that we do indeed have free will and that the human mind is not a mere by product of the brain.

"Solomon the Accountant" by Edward M. Krauss

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Solomon the Accountant is a tender love story set in Toledo, Ohio, in the 1950s. Solomon is a rather nebbishy fellow who falls in love with the beautiful, newly widowed Molly. He is painfully aware of her recent loss, yet she becomes the focal point of his life. He hopes that someday - regardless of how long he has to wait - the broken wings of her spirit will mend and she will soar toward a new future with him. While Solomon wrestles with his feelings for Molly, she is dealing with her own emotional issues. Facing life after the death of her beloved husband less than a year after they stood under the chupah (wedding canopy) seems almost incomprehensible to the young widow. In addition to portraying a touching love story, recreated is a bygone era - a time when a silk tie cost $1.60, a “comfortable house in a good neighborhood” could be purchased for $12,000, and nice Jewish boys still nervously asked the father for his daughter’s hand in marriage.


"Hope For Hurting Parents" by Tom & Dena Yohe - Facilitator Guide & Parent's Notebook

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The Hope for Hurting Parents Facilitator Guide is to be used to start a support group for parents with broken hearts due to the choices and behaviors of their teen to adult children. The Facilitator Guide includes everything that’s needed to get started, plus twenty-two sessions; enough for a whole year if the group meets twice a month (once in November and December). How often you meet is up to you. This guide includes decisions to make before you start your group, practical tips, group guidelines, a sample timeline, ice breaker questions, prayer strategies, and testimonies. The topics of the sessions are: grief and loss, enabling, guilt, fear, detachment, worry and anxiety, anger, resentment, letting go, expectations, guarding your marriage, guarding your family, powerlessness and control, communication, waiting, surviving the holidays, courageous love, forgiveness, thankfulness, self-care, hope, and resilience. Each is a stand-alone session and can be used in any order. It also has a list of recommended books, websites, and other resources. A Parent Notebook is also available to order for group members. It contains the same notes that are in the Facilitator Guide without the instructions. Pages for journaling are at the end of each session. Recommended books are listed at the back. Hope for Hurting Parents support groups are not high content-driven. The focus is on being safe, confidential, loving communities where parents can be real, share their feelings with others who understand, won’t think less of them or give pat answers. This is a group where they can find the comfort, encouragement, and hope they need. The emphasis is put on facilitating rather than leading. Your role is not as a teacher or instructor, but a fellow parent sharing content, asking open-ended questions, guiding discussion. You aren’t expected to know everything or have your act together. We’re all fellow strugglers on the same heartbreaking path. Authenticity and a willingness to be vulnerable with your trials, is your best asset. This material is written from a Christian worldview. Our ultimate source of help has been Jesus Christ. These groups are not Bible studies or prayer meetings, but the Scriptures are used and discussed, and a time of prayer is encouraged. Support groups are a powerful way to bring parents from surviving to thriving. They draw them out of isolation as they journey through some of the most difficult times of their lives. By giving yourself as a facilitator of a Hope for Hurting Parents group you will receive the same comfort, encouragement, and hope. Request a free sample at HopeForHurtingParents.com.

"Butterfield Station" by Reba Rhyne

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In 1858, at almost seventeen, a determined and fearless Gracie Tipton mounts her horse in Nashville, Tennessee and travels two thousand miles of the Butterfield Trail, an overland mail route to San Francisco. Her father has been hired as station man at The Pinery in the Guadalupe Mountains of Texas and New Mexico. Even though Pa warns her of the many hazards they must conquer on the rough trail, Gracie sets off with Wooly, her pet lamb, focusing on the immediate question of her future. Her gritty and adventurous attitude leads her into difficult situations, not the least of which involve two men she meets on the wagon trail. But will it be Jedediah or Press who fulfills her dreams for husband and family? And how can she be sure she doesn’t make the wrong decision when she has strong feelings for both men? Ride with Gracie on the Butterfield Trail and find out…

"The Singing Tree" by Arloa Ten Kley

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The Singing Tree is a simple, yet captivating, tale of one rural American woman’s experience of God’s presence in her life. Follow her journey as she listens, finds courage, community, hope – and hard work!

"Bridging The Gaps" by In-Gyeong Kim Lundell

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This book makes a major contribution to the comparative study of American and Korean worldview themes, leading toward a bridging of the gaps between the two cultures. Using the case of the Church of the Nazarene, it examines historical-contextual roots of cultures and their worldviews. The book goes on to compare and contrast how the two cultures understand the concepts of space and time, self and other, relationships, and causality. The study explores the acculturation process and culminates by presenting hermeneutical tools for contextualizing the biblical concepts of holiness, conversion, and ecclesiology among Korean immigrants.

"The Boy in the Furry Coat" by Joanie Tate

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He stole our hearts from the first moment we saw him. He has forever changed our outlook on life, from a happy boy’s perspective, loving life and us! Curious, happy, trusting, that’s what little boys are made of... come along on his journey, you may be surprised!

"A Funny Thing Happened On My Journey To Heaven" by Patricia Hartman

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Funny is a funny word. It can mean amusing, curious, strange, comical, foolish or witty. Life is full of all them, but we especially like the funnies that bring happiness. The Declaration of Independence claims that the pursuit of happiness is an inalienable right given by our Creator and that our government has the responsibility to protect that right. Where is that happiness found? In humor? In comedy? In love? Patricia Hartman has lived a life that is often characterized by the pursuit and attainment of happiness. Those times are made up of funny stories that warm the heart and make us smile and laugh. But she also had some deeply troubled days which were not-so-funny at the time. In the midst of her pain, she learned her best lessons, including God’s role and purpose in them. These were not amusing/funny. But later, when the storms were long gone, a different kind of smile crossed her face as she saw that God had been with her in the valley. He had held onto her when she had lost the strength to hold on to Him. These stories are the ones that have taken her from a rebellious atheist to the woman of faith that she is today. Funny, huh? Come and join Patricia on her journey through this book as she questions God and ultimately finds His truth, love and peace. You will not walk away from this journey the same.

"Understanding Song of Solomon" by Beverly Pinter Woods

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Understanding Song of Solomon is a verse by verse, modern-day explanation of the allegories and descriptions found in the Song of Songs. The maiden is a follower seeking her King and future husband and depicts one member of the church, the body of Christ. The maiden’s journey begins with her intense love for the King and follows through the Song of Solomon and leads to the wedding feast, as His bride. She faces her selfishness and personal longings, relinquishes her selfish desires and begins the journey up hills, through valleys and to the mountain tops of life until she matures into a woman worthy of being the Queen. The book is written in a conversational tone with a little humor. As we follow the maiden, who typifies each believer, she takes us on a journey much like the one we have been on, that leads to her one true love. As she is wooed and beckoned to follow him, she experiences a desire to truly follow, love and trust him. On her spiritual journey she learns how to respond to his suggestions and requests. Song of Solomon gives us a path to follow as we mature spiritually. Since we are all sinners saved by God’s grace and he is holy, we must die daily to ourselves and learn to live a life of love and service to the King. True happiness is found in a personal, loving relationship with God, the father, His Son, Jesus Christ and Holy Spirit. The maiden’s journey is our journey also.

"The God You Need To Know" by Linda Evans Shepherd

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HOW WOULD KNOWING GOD CHANGE YOUR LIFE? Open this book and land inside an action-packed movie about the story of God, filled with secrets you need to know. Watch God’s story unfold, starting with the Great War that waged before time began. Uncover the trouble that Adam and Eve released when they bit into sin. Search for clues to find and keep the lost Ark of the Covenant. Unravel the mystery of Jesus and His claims that He came alive from the dead. As you review these stories, Linda will narrate the scenes before you so that you will not only get the big picture of God, but the picture of God’s love for you. By the time you finish this book, you’ll know who God is and who God is to you. You’ll discover the unconditional love you’ve been longing for.


"Lord, We Sing Your Praise!" by Kayleen Bobbitt (author), Marilee Arntz (Illustrator)

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:"Lord, We Sing Your Praise!" is a children's book of rhyme that takes an aesthetic look at the 12 months of the year. Besides teaching the calendar months, it can also be used as a simple tool to instruct a child on how to give praise to the Lord, the Creator of all times and seasons.

"Ampah's Visit To The North Pole" by Lawrence Machaelis

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Childhood misadventures and an accidental trip to the North Pole are the stars of a Grandfather’s bedtime tale of family heritage, life lessons and Santa’s fondness for fishing.




"The Christmas Cross" by Stephen Hogue

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It’s Christmastime again and Sam is wrestling with what Christmas is supposed to be about. If it’s really about Jesus’ birthday, why are we getting gifts? He watches all of his friends make Christmas lists, sees commercials on TV, and he doesn’t get it? Join Sam on his personal journey to find the true meaning of Christmas.

"Bright Yellow Sun, Why Do You Shine?" by Brenda Sue Bynum

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God’s creation is a picture book wonder for all! Bright Yellow Sun, Why Do You Shine is a tender rhyme accompanied by a Bible verse for those who are curious about things God made. Bright Yellow Sun, Green Apple Tree, and Little Bumblebee are three things that fascinate A.Z. Ray as he plays in God’s amazing world of beauty. Join A.Z. Ray in his playful day. See how he discovers that God has a purpose for all things to work together to help one another. Now, A.Z. wonders what his job could be! With word sounds that rhyme, this book can be read as a devotion, or any time. God loves his creation, its true! And most of all, God loves girls and boys like YOU!

"Snapshots From The Journey" by Becky Cheney Burgue

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One pixel at a time—that’s how we see our lives! With that limited view, we don’t see the real picture. We see only the mundane, the ordinary, or the struggles. No wonder we can get stuck in a particular moment or situation. Only when we stop to recall and reflect can we celebrate the milestones and also see the full spectrum of life’s journey. Take time to revisit your life’s pictures as you experience the stories in Snapshots from the Journey. You’ll discover three unique but universal keys to a fulfilled and purposeful life—relationships, rescue, and renewal. We all desire relationship; in fact, we were designed for community. But sometimes even the most satisfying relationships cause us to lose pieces of ourselves. This is where rescue comes in. We need to be rescued from painful patterns of our past. Rescue sets us on a new path with a brand-new vision of ourselves. Then we move toward the possibilities found in renewal. Renewal offers a chance to start over with a clear image of who we are and where we are headed. Immerse yourself in the author’s intimate stories of her life as she invites you into conversations about your own journey. Her life lessons will inspire you to step back, recall, and reflect on your own “big picture” and explore the relationships, rescue, and renewal you’ve experienced or need to discover. In so doing you’ll find: - Comfort and consolation - Opportunity to reflect - Joy as you celebrate life’s journey - Encouragement to see ordinary moments as extraordinary gifts. Becky Burgue is a repurposed teacher with a lifetime of experience relating to people of every age and stage. Her enthusiasm is contagious as she shares a message of hope and life. Her motto is, “Celebrate the journey; don’t wait for the destination” and her pictures from the past have become possibilities for the future. Wife to Pete and mother to Christina and Peter, treasure hunter and upcycler, lover of the afternoon latte and a great read, she can be found most days on her back porch.

"The Christian Prenuptial Agreement" by Patricia Hartman

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A must-read for every couple getting married. It answers the questions you need to know but no one dared to ask. The decision to marry is the second most important decision that you will ever make. (The first is where you will spend eternity.) Do you know what influences your decision to marry? Are you marrying for love – the emotion? Is love blind? How are the chemicals being produced in your body influencing your decision? Are you spending more time planning your wedding than planning your marriage? What is a Christian Prenuptial Agreement? Christian – follower of Jesus Christ Prenuptial – prior to marriage Agreement – becoming like-minded Why is it different than a secular agreement? Why should every Christian use a prenuptial agreement? What changes legally when you marry? Will you have a marriage that will count for eternity? Are you even on the same page? The Christian Prenuptial Agreement is a powerful book that looks at Christian marriage from perspectives not discussed in other books. It will challenge you to make the right decisions together for your marriage with a view to eternity. It will cause you to search for the deeper meaning of marriage and why you are marrying. The exercises will challenge you to understand the true commitment that Christians enter when they say, “I do.” Do you mean for better or worse? What is worse? Don’t get married without working through this powerful book. It may just be the tool you need to turn your “I do” into “I will.”

"The Rest of God​" by Larry A. Wilson

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The Rest of God is an in depth look into the Word of God as to what the Rest is, as the Bible puts it the Sabbath. We will look at the many aspects of the Sabbath. What day is the Rest, who should keep the Rest, What are the conditions to be His people, and the conditions of the Sabbath? Ask the question, is there a sign to distinguish God’s people from the others? What about Jesus and the Sabbath, what about Acts, does the Sabbath stop and something new happens or does it continue on after the death and resurrection of Jesus and if it does then who changed the day, do we have the right to change what God has said? Do languages give us a clue as to when the day of Rest is. What do the church leaders from the past have to say about the fourth commandment. what does the church at Rome have to say about God’s Rest. There are many questions to answer as we are looking into on the Rest of God. This book will help our growth in the Lord on this subject, and makes an excellent tool for Bible study groups.

"Crushed Innocence: Journey into Promise​" by Cheryl Welch

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An inspiring true story, Crushed Innocence: Journey into Promise, is a courageous memoir of a woman and her forty-year journey of redemption. “You love me, don’t you little pumpkin? If you tell anyone about our little games, someone would come and take me away, and that would make me sad.” I squirmed and grimaced as he reached out for me with his rough hand. I didn’t understand why we couldn’t play other games like jump rope and making pictures on the sidewalk with chalk. I didn’t like his game…. Crushed Innocence: Journey into Promise, follows her life as a child growing up in a dysfunctional home with an abusive alcoholic father and a mother who should have protected her. Cheryl went on to search for acceptance and love in all the wrong places, which led to disasters and death and fuelled an ongoing nightmare, as she struggled with feelings of self-hatred and unworthiness. This is a story of forgiveness, healing, and redemption, and how God transformed a young woman and called her to be a missionary to East Asia. It’s the story of how God can take seemingly a hopeless and dark situation in any of us and redeem it into something beautiful. This story is for anyone struggling with their identity and searching for a bright path through dark times. No matter what we’ve gone through, no wound is beyond healing. God is able to transform our life and lead us into our God-given destiny.

"Moving from Broken to Beautiful® through Grief " by Yvonne Ortega

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Is your heart broken with grief? Do you feel alone, lonely, and fearful of the future? If you lost a loved one, your life has taken a different path than what you expected, and you may wonder where God is. How do you cope? How do you live the new normal when you don’t want it? You want your loved one back.


You may feel that no one understands you. Based on some of the insensitive comments people make without thinking, you may be convinced they don’t. However, Yvonne Ortega understands you. Seven years ago, she suffered the loss of two aunts, her mother, and her only child within a span of seven months. In her book, Moving from Broken to Beautiful® through Grief, she writes from both her personal and clinical experiences with a solid foundation in God’s Word. In Yvonne, you have a new friend, who will walk alongside you and guide you to the healing balm of comfort, hope, and peace.

Grief is a natural and normal process. You are not losing your mind even if you feel that way. You are on the emotional roller coaster of grief, and like the other rides, it will eventually stop. You may feel angry with God, with the deceased, and with yourself. You may feel sad one minute and guilty the next. Ms. Ortega assures you that you will get through the gut-wrenching pain of grief.


Moving from Broken to Beautiful® through Grief is an interactive book from beginning to end. You are not a passive reader of someone else’s process through grief. Instead you are an active participant working through your own grief. With honesty, transparency, and gentleness, Yvonne offers you practical suggestions to get through the emotional roller coaster and the physical turmoil of grief. She admits the journey from broken to beautiful is long, painful, and not a linear one. Without hesitation, she brings to light both the struggles and the joy of moving from broken to beautiful through grief.


Yvonne helps you move forward with the awareness that you will have setbacks. With encouragement and support, she will show you how to pick up the pieces and build a beautiful new normal—a bittersweet victory indeed as you sense God’s power, passion, and purpose for your new life. And you can still honor your deceased loved one.

"Healthy Voice: Life Beyond the Weight" by Meredith Terpuluk 

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Healthy Voice: Life Beyond the Weight is a journey of transformation that goes beyond before and after pictures to a life reborn from the inside out. Despite the title of the book that may make the reader think it’s about how the author lost the weight and then found a life, the content is the exact opposite. The author could never find a life when she was obsessively focused on the weight. She only found it when she put down her obsession with the weight and got help for what was going on inside. 

Meredith experienced something in her childhood that many children experience. Her parents got a divorce. As an only child, she lived in between two worlds in cities three hours apart. There was only one thing that would help her navigate this life. That was the food. So at age eight, she began a love affair with food that would last twenty-three years and a love affair with diets to cope with it. But her insecurities never went away. Even though she grew up in a Catholic household, she never felt close to God. In fact, she felt God had to be mad at her if he’d allow her parents to divorce and her to be overweight. When the time came for her to go away to college, Meredith found herself adding drinking to the list. Despite her habits behind the scenes, Meredith was able to achieve a degree from the University of Notre Dame and land a job on a Presidential campaign which would eventually help her start a successful career at the White House. As a White House employee in her twenties, Meredith balanced a high-stress job with eating, dieting, running marathons, drinking and everything else she could do to escape the stress. Except, it caught up with her. She began having panic attacks every day at the White House and eventually chose to leave to work at a federal agency. The pain inside still wasn’t going away. So she did what she had left to do - she chose to escape and found a geographical cure. She left Washington D.C. To pursue a graduate degree at her alma mater, the University of Notre Dame.

What she wouldn’t find out until halfway through, was that God had a different plan. At thirty-one, she would have a quarter-life crisis that would have her come to the end of herself where she would cry out to God for help and begin an entirely new journey of life. It was through returning to God that she would finally receive the love He’d always wanted to give her and find the grace to begin a new life where God would guide her down a road of recovery from her addictions and new life in Christ. 
In the first part of the book, Meredith shares intimately with the reader how it all unfolded to show the reader that whatever they’ve gone through, they are not alone and they can overcome. But she takes the second part of the book to actually guide the reader on the journey to find their own personal Healthy Voice by providing twelve steps and ten tools for walking the journey.

"The Making of a Man" by Akai Jackson & Allan Sobie

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Imagine for moment what could be....... a world where men lead. A world where men lead in their marriages, their workforce, raising children, and where they lead in protection of those that need protecting. It is the most important journey you will find yourself on. There is a great deficit in manhood today and a great need for men to rise up, stand in the gaps, and plant their flag. This book is written for men who struggle daily, by men who struggled daily to find the true meaning of authentic manhood and masculinity. This will speak directly to your life as a man and has the potential to grow you in mind, body, and spirit. We want to equip you to excel in all areas of your life that matter most. Manhood is found in the process.

"My Emmaus" by Mike Parker

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King David reminds us in Psalm 23:3 that the Lord our Shepherd, restores our souls and leads us in paths of righteousness for his name's sake. You will find as you peruse the pages of ‘My Emmaus’ that this restoration and encouragement of our souls is a continual process. It begins with the grace and mercy of a loving savior chasing us down with the provision found on his cross and in his resurrection. Then it continues throughout a lifetime of obedience and missteps as he provides the water that quenches our thirst. Jesus is the original ‘Son of Encouragement’. The disciples on the road to Emmaus came to that realization when their eyes were opened to his abiding presence. Just as Jesus came alongside the two downtrodden disciples on the road to Emmaus, so too will he come alongside each of us turning our smoldering ember hearts into flames of fire. The chapters in this book relate events in my life where a loving Heavenly Father miraculously intervened. Fasting for children, the American adventure of a Muslim teenager, intercession experiences, crazy spiritual warfare, and finding a godly wife are just a sampling of what awaits you. Altogether it is one amazing story. As you read ‘My Emmaus’ may the water of God, Christ the living word, wash over you removing all hindrances of sight, and create within you a greater hunger for more of him. I hope that you enjoy your journey through these practical pages and that in doing so you find divine restoration in the presence of God.

"The Kantz Journal" by Douglas Christie

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When sixteen-year-old Connor Finney discovers his father, Robert, has died of a sudden heart attack, he becomes consumed with reading a mysterious old journal that he hopes will contain clues to his father’s death. During WWII, a Nazi physician identified a heart attack gene that killed every male inheriting it, a finding that remained hidden for over seventy years until it re-emerged in the research of a graduate student, Geoff Carter, at the University of Miami Medical School in Florida. Connor teams up with Carter and together they start using modern genetic methods and cryptic data embedded in the Nazi’s journal to uncover what could be the most lethal genetic killer of the century. But they’re not alone: Robert’s widow (Robin), Carter’s thesis adviser (Dr. Trevor Smith), and several international players are all on the hunt to gain The Kantz Journal’s secrets, and each has their own intentions about how to use this critical information. If Connor, Carter, and Robin can’t harness the information first, Connor may have a ticking time bomb in his DNA just waiting for him to turn forty and detonate—leading to the same fate as his father.

"Markers: key themes for soul survival" by Mary Barton Nees

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Visuals nudge, prompt and sometimes awaken, but words lead with more specific direction. I would be content to work with just images, but the times we’re in are pressing me. For the last 6 years I have been learning the craft of writing down what is on my heart. One of my editors said “I think you’ve been writing this book all your life.” This is about the most important journey: that which the soul needs to find. My book is a primer into the grand story of the Bible as recorded through various cultures and personalities. God leads through with words, with images, and with echoing markers to the plan set out from the beginning. I  invite you to take a look, and then a read.

Mary Barton Nees




"Three Generations Fight Cancer Together" by Elaine Greydanus Bush

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A cancer diagnosis impacts a family as it attacks their loved one. What if they can fight not only the cancer, but also the joy-sucking demons that attack on the way? Elaine shares the stories of her family: three generations who joined forces when Papa got cancer. Each generation from the eight young grandchildren, to the adult children, to the wife adds insights to waging war against the collateral damage of cancer. Opening themselves to God’s guidance and will brought unexpected blessings to an unexpected battle. There is no definitive guidebook on how to get a family through the long, demanding journey that cancer often requires. Each situation is unique. What is common is the emotional suffering. Is it possible to experience hope? –find relief? –even laugh? With poignant honesty Elaine reveals the pain, love, and laughter they shared, and the lessons they learned through the crisis they faced. Fractured prayers brought insights on how to communicate, understand family members’ reactions, help each other, encourage the young children, make decisions, and fortify faith in their battle with cancer. Together they grew stronger as a family. Individually, they experienced the reality of God’s promises.
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"Fascinating Women" by Judy Madsen Johnson

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When little things seem so overwhelming…when life is hard, it helps to have a bit of encouragement. Be inspired as you see yourself in these women’s everyday challenges. Their backgrounds are as different as the conflicts they’ve overcome. Find hope for your own journey as you meet a missionary, political activist, stay-at-home mom, probation officer, actress, business owner and many others; women just like you who have endured guilt, loneliness, addiction, infidelity, abandonment, and emotional or physical crises. Some are still in the battle, but winning, through faith and trust in Jesus Christ and the miraculous power of the Holy Spirit. They have conquered their worst enemies. These fascinating women are winners, and you can be too!

"Born Wrong, Made Right" by Greg Stoughton 

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Don’t Let Your Limitations Define You! We all have limitations. And whether they are visible or unseen, it’s likely that you are all-too-aware of shortcomings that you feel limit you. For some, those limitations are more obvious. Greg Stoughton, born with ectrodactyly or “lobster claw” (a genetic condition that affects about one of every one-hundred thousand babies born) lives each day without a full set of fingers and toes. These outward, physical differences don’t define him. But it wasn’t always that way. Greg had for much of his life masked his insecurities and fears by trying to outperform everyone else. Today, a leader, strategic thinker, mentor and speaker with a passion to help others, he’s come to realize how he long compensated for his deformities by trying to achieve and prove himself a person of value and worth. Maybe your challenges and setbacks aren’t like Greg’s. But what holds you back more than it should? Are there things of your appearance, attitudes, habits, or more, for which you try to compensate? Performance-based living will never lead you to the peace, joy, serenity, and self-worth that you long for—a contentment that God longs for you to experience through His infinite love, acceptance, forgiveness, and grace. Realizing this may be a key to unleashing your God-given potential!

"Following Shadows" by Janneke Jobsis Brown 

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For sixty years after World War II, death has haunted the entire Vanderveer family. Death lives within the soul of Jakob Vanderveer, who vowed to be a silent keeper of secrets. He believed this would be a loving way of keeping his family safe. The shadow of Jakob’s missing four years, his adolescent survival of the horrors of Jappen kampen (Japanese concentration camps) hit his family with a terrible cost. Then one day Jakob calls his now adult daughter, Luce Vanderveer Lewis. Her scientist-brother, Alby, has been hiding his ongoing drug addiction and has overdosed…again. With the openness of her father’s phone call, old yearnings pull at Luce…to learn about her father’s three and a half missing years in Japanese Concentration Camps. As the family gathers with Alby's doctor, Jakob is coaxed to reveal the past. With Alby’s recent near death, he can no longer profess that secret keeping created a healthy family. First Jakob speaks in his usual generalizations regarding the horrors of war and too many deaths. Slowly he touches on the day the Japanese declared all boys fourteen and younger were “men.” This day started the events that eventually left Jakob all alone among thousands of men. With the telling of this story, a seemingly cast-iron wall begins to crack. Jakob’s real life account of what is behind his anxious and controlling ways leaves Luce shaken by greater understanding, love, and a new awareness of her own struggles—growing up across three continents. Neither Luce nor her parents can ever return to their first homes or their lost childhoods. Yet, in of Following Shadows, they find a journey of healing in which they discover that the past, rather than destroying, pulls everyone to the light of home.

"Growing Up Under The Third Reich" by Helga Arndt and her sisters

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This is a true story of one ordinary family’s struggle to persevere during WWII living in Germany. In their own words family members recall their adaption to a changing political, economic and social environment occurring under Hitler’s reign. Narrated by the youngest in the family, Helga describes the tragic and happy events that led to her family’s immigration to the United States of America.

"Angel's Bloom" by Kim C. Thai

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A story of struggles and a fight for life of a newborn child. The story is told through the eyes of the loving and grieving mother, Kim Thai. She takes us on her journey of anticipation and trepidation before and after the birth of her child, Valerie. Kim shares the story of her severely ill child and her fight for survival. She recounts the physical pain and suffering Valerie endured to stay alive. At the same time, Kim tells of her own silent pain and daily internal conflicts. Kim struggles with questions of her faith at times and the limitation of modern medicine. In her struggles, she discovers her inner strength, the power of hope and an unexpected spiritual awakening. In her mourning, she finds peace, renewal of her faith, and ultimately her contact with Angels.

"The Lost is Found: A"Lost Boy’s" Story of Faith, Hope, Charity, and Love" by Jacob Thon Guot

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At 7 years of age, Jacob Guot became a “lost boy” when war came to his peaceful village in what is now South Sudan. Forced to run for his life, not knowing whether his family members were alive or dead, he joined up with others in the African bush to walk a thousand miles to Ethiopia. After years in a refugee camp there, he fled to Kenya ahead of armed militia members and ended up in a refugee camp there for another nine years. Then the United States government, working with the United Nations, made arrangements for thousands of “lost boys” to come to America for a chance at a new life. In his own inimitable way, Jacob tells of his years of acclimating to America, living in a strange new land and learning new ways, all so different from his native Dinka childhood. He went to work, became an American citizen, gained a college education, and completed seminary. After returning to South Sudan to marry Rebecca, he was able to help her and their infant son join him in America. Now Jacob is working and raising funds through his non-profit organization, Africa Sunrise Communities, to enable him and his family to return to Africa to work in a large South Sudanese refugee camp in Uganda. There he plans to help provide an education for refugee children, while at the same time working for peace and reconciliation between competing tribes within the camp. Jacob and Rebecca live in Wilmore, Kentucky with their children Biar, Angieth, and Ayiei.

"A BIG, BIG HEART" by Dana Marie Bucci

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Come along as Little Lovebug asks another big question “How do we show God’s big love?” and sets off on a big adventure to find out. Join Little Lovebug to find out how God can use us to show His big love in so many little ways to reach the world. Children and parents alike will love this delightfully illustrated story that will help teach them many little ways to show God’s love to others each and every day. This is a wonderful tool to begin opening the doors in a child’s heart for a deeper understanding that will lead to many wonderful discussions, and a true time of sharing God’s love between parents and children and spreading God’s love to others. A BIG, BIG HEART will make its way into the hearts and lives of children everywhere.

"Overtaken by Grace: How Intimacy with God Brings Hope, Healing, and Miracles" by Debbie Milam

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What if that challenge—the one we cannot make go away, the one that overwhelms—is a precious treasure, a gateway to God, to know His mercy, love, and grace? What if we begin to believe that His strength is made perfect in what we cannot do alone, and that we can, as Philippians 4:13 says, do all things through Christ who gives us strength? What if in the valley we truly believe in our victory? What if all is well—not because circumstances change but because of His love and goodness? Then will we fall into His grace, knowing that if we are experiencing a challenge, God invites us on the undertaking of a lifetime.

            God’s invitation is for a deeper, more love-infused walk than we can imagine. In whatever trials we find ourselves, God is right beside us, His Holy Spirit alive within us. He knows how much we hurt and how confusing our circumstances often are. He sees our tears and knows our fears. Then His Word whispers, “Don’t be afraid, for I am with you” (Isaiah 41:10).

            Overtaken by Grace is not a step-by-step way to move through adversity, although I wish there were one. This is not a self-help book, for in the deep waters only God’s grace redeems us. This is a book of hope—life-affirming essays that flowed from pen to paper after pouring out my pain to God and asking the Holy Spirit to pour into me.

            Life is a beautiful, messy, blessed, and sometimes broken glory road paved with love, tears, and faith. So just as God invites us daily on a trust walk with Him, I invite you to pull up a chair, take off your shoes, and breathe deeply as Overtaken by Grace depicts how God epically shows up and shows off and gives you the tools to experience His hope, healing, and miracles.

"Am I Special?: A Story About Adoption" by Stephen Hogue

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Josie is a precious five year old learning to explore her world. She's learning big words like "valuable" and "special" and wonders if these describe her. Josie's unsure because she's adopted. 

Josie’s adoptive parents searched so many years for one very special little girl. They chose Josie.
Josie discovers she was not abandoned. Instead, Josie sees, that she was chosen. Will Josie's parents be able to explain her adoption and will Josie know how special she is?

Steve and Sandra Hogue have been in full-time church ministry for nearly two decades. The Hogues have fostered 16 children and adopted eight. Currently, they serve as US missionaries with COMPACT Family Services. Both Steve and Sandra are active in their community’s foster care system. In addition, they oversee the orphan’s ministry of their home church. 

Learn more about the Hogues at www.hoguecrew.org. Here you can meet the rest of the family, show your support and learn more about their missions work and travels. 

"Ponderisms" by Jack Starr

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PONDERISMS is a collection of bizarre, unusual, amusing and totally Nonsensical ways to look at life, situations, objects or things. Why any intelligent, normal, grownup, homosapien, would read this is a wonderment it itself. So don’t try and analyze why any normal human being would even write this book. PONDERISMS are things that cause you to think, wonder about, analyze or ponder. You may find that they will lead you into Intelligent Understanding, Enlightenment, Senility or they may just lead you to the bathroom where you can throw up. PONDERISMS may be a source of mental gymnastics, verbal exercise, or a non energy using Cardio work out. They will fill your spare time with a sense of accomplishment of some sort, time consuming wonderment, or Dog gone head scratching amazement. (Why not say Car Gone instead?) Unless you are Right Brained do not try to make sense of these. Nor should you try and answer these questions, less you find yourself locked in the ‘funny room’ in an institution. READ, PONDER AND JUST ENJOY!

"Separated and Waiting God's Way" by International Center For Reconciling God's Way, Inc.

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When a married couple physically separates they face unique challenges. These challenges are especially stressful for a spouse trying to save their marriage alone and can often resort in behaviors that push the unwilling spouse even further away. Separated and Waiting, God’s Way is a nine week workbook that addresses these challenges by providing Godly principles and tangible tips for the waiting spouse. These proactive tips provide ways of dealing with issues such as loneliness, financial strain, betrayal, lack of purpose, and more. This workbook may be used in a same-gender small group, or alone. Separated and Waiting God’s Way is written from a different perspective. Even though a physical separation has occurred, the waiting spouse has the ability to create a climate of reconciliation. The proactive tips are Biblically based and will prepare the waiting spouse to press on, regardless of the outcome.

"Hungry Foxes on Our Hillside" by Barbara Hattemer

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A story of two fox kits visiting a beautiful hillside on an island in Maine throughout the summer. Told through the eyes of grade school children in rhyming poetry. Appropriate for ages 6 to 12, read aloud for younger children, Explains the cycle of life, how God takes care of his creatures by providing food for them and how mother fox leads her kits to a new territory which will be theirs when they are old enough to live on their own. A ferocious rain storm topples three large trees on the hillside as the kits flee into the woods. The children watch the edge of the woods after the storm and fear the kits were too frightened to return. Contains a page of Fox Facts about the habits of foxes living in the wild.

"Rhythms of Life" by Karynthia Phillips​

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This artistic work is a collaborative creation, birthed by a diverse group of Christian women, who love God, and have chosen to echo the Scriptures in various literary modalities. Their varied life experiences transcend race, creed, and color, as there is a selection inside for everyone who would dare to enjoy the rhythmic heartbeats of these anointed writers.

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