"Born Wrong, Made Right" by Greg Stoughton

Don’t Let Your Limitations Define You! We all have limitations. And whether they are visible or unseen, it’s likely that you are all-too-aware of shortcomings that you feel limit you. For some, those limitations are more obvious. Greg Stoughton, born with ectrodactyly or “lobster claw” (a genetic condition that affects about one of every one-hundred thousand babies born) lives each day without a full set of fingers and toes. These outward, physical differences don’t define him. But it wasn’t always that way. Greg had for much of his life masked his insecurities and fears by trying to outperform everyone else. Today, a leader, strategic thinker, mentor and speaker with a passion to help others, he’s come to realize how he long compensated for his deformities by trying to achieve and prove himself a person of value and worth. Maybe your challenges and setbacks aren’t like Greg’s. But what holds you back more than it should? Are there things of your appearance, attitudes, habits, or more, for which you try to compensate? Performance-based living will never lead you to the peace, joy, serenity and self-worth that you long for—a contentment that God longs for you to experience through His infinite love, acceptance, forgiveness and grace. Realizing this may be a key to unleashing your God-given potential!

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