"Crushed Innocence: Journey into Promise​" by Cheryl Welch

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An inspiring true story, Crushed Innocence: Journey into Promise, is a courageous memoir of a woman and her forty-year journey of redemption. “You love me, don’t you little pumpkin? If you tell anyone about our little games, someone would come and take me away, and that would make me sad.” I squirmed and grimaced as he reached out for me with his rough hand. I didn’t understand why we couldn’t play other games like jump rope and making pictures on the sidewalk with chalk. I didn’t like his game…. Crushed Innocence: Journey into Promise, follows her life as a child growing up in a dysfunctional home with an abusive alcoholic father and a mother who should have protected her. Cheryl went on to search for acceptance and love in all the wrong places, which led to disasters and death and fuelled an ongoing nightmare, as she struggled with feelings of self-hatred and unworthiness. This is a story of forgiveness, healing, and redemption, and how God transformed a young woman and called her to be a missionary to East Asia. It’s the story of how God can take seemingly a hopeless and dark situation in any of us and redeem it into something beautiful. This story is for anyone struggling with their identity and searching for a bright path through dark times. No matter what we’ve gone through, no wound is beyond healing. God is able to transform our life and lead us into our God-given destiny.

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