"Encountering God" by Mark A. Johnson, PhD

Lives can teach without telling, especially when it comes to the secrets of a joy-filled marriage. A number of those secrets are revealed when a young struggling farmer seeks the hand of an independent and salaried woman. They meet in Colorado shortly before she returns to North   Dakota. Aside from two brief visits, their courtship resides in these letters. Sabers are rattling and the economy is tanking when the letters begin in August, 1937. As they share what they seek in each other, they often point out God at work in their lives. Their son anecdotally attests to their later joy in life and in each other and helps the reader apply their keys to joy using self-exploratory questions. 


A relationship has many stages. The first stage, like a seed, may or may not germinate. In Walter and Margaret’s case, the enthusiasm in Margaret's second letter signaled the opening of the seed. Interests and understandings were joyfully shared. The relationship sprouted over Christmas into a promising shoot. The letters that followed revealed the confident exuberance of rapid growth. Of course, the transformation of a promising shoot into a flowering plant is not assured.  All shoots are tested; all understandings are tried. 



Biography, Mark A. Johnson


Four things consistently surface when reflecting on things that shaped my life: my religious upbringing; my training and career as a scientist; my joy in Martha, my soulmate; my transformation while reading Mead's classic Mind, Self and Society. As a result, I am enjoy sharing the interplay of events and religious and scientific understandings in a series of books Encountering God, Questioning God, and Abiding in God.

A Note from Mark


Getting my book published loomed as formidable barrier until Cheri Cowell presented a clear path to global distribution. Along the way were many decisions and personal choices required of, but unanticipated by a first-time indie-published author. Fortunately, while the staff at EABooks Publishing were transforming my manuscript into a professionally formatted book, they patiently incorporated my wants in setting up the needed financial accounts, advertising materials, websites and social media tools. A few months later my book was on their publishing website and accessible in paperback and e-book at all major bookstores.
Mark A. Johnson, PhD.

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