"For Teacher's With Love" by Ora Zohar

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For Teachers with Love: Helping Educators become Significant is a collection of educational wisdom that reflects the rich career of one of Israel's most beloved educators. For thirty years, between 1978 and 2008, Dr. Ora Zohar taught in the School of Education at Hebrew University in Jerusalem, where she founded and directed the National Center for Staff Development and the Principals' Center. Dr. Zohar and her staff developed a unique practice for working with teachers, schools, and principals, through which they touched the lives of many thousands of educators and children in Israel and throughout the world.


This book, written with love and humor from the perspective of a lifetime, is both deeply personal and highly professional. It combines reflective narrative in multiple voices, with a wealth of practical and actionable knowledge. For Teachers with Love will be a wonderful resource for anyone anywhere who is dedicated to creating nurturing environments in classrooms and schools.


Michael Connelly, Professor Emeritus at York University, Toronto, writes: "I am so glad I have taken the time to read this wonderful book. It is a wonderful rich narrative... a very inviting read for anyone concerned with professional development. The spirit and ideas are important, and perhaps as important, are demonstrably attainable. Ora's autobiographical chapter is wonderful and subtly locks in the origins of the work. Well done!"


Dwight Allen, Eminent Scholar Emeritus of Educational Reform, at Old Dominion University, Norfolk, writes: "The account is inspiring. The history, epic. The style of writing is engaging, with purpose and delight. The impact of Ora's many years of work in Israel and around the world is beyond what any of us can know. This is a book all educators should read, and I will surely pass it on to my colleagues."


Saul P. Wachs, Professor of Education at Gratz College, writes: "Ora is capping a very distinguished career as an educator's educator and this record of her work is a valuable addition to the professional libraries of academic educators and all reflective practitioners."

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