"If It Were A Snake" audiobook by Kimberly Boone

"God has the right to design and perform His own miracles. Who are we to tell Him what they should be?" When Kimberly Boone's mother was diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer, Kimberly believed that she had received an assignment from God to speak life. Regardless of how dire the situation appeared, no matter what the doctors said, she was to declare God's healing power and remain steadfast in her belief that Vernita Boone would be saved. In the next months, as Kimberly watched her mother's health gradually decline, her faith was rewarded by abundant evidence of God's grace. She not only discovered her assignment for this journey, but she came to know her once-distant father, and she began to understand how both the pleasant and the difficult people are placed into one's life strategically. Through many experiences with the people who surrounded her, Kimberly began to see this entire tapestry as part of God's broader purpose. If It Were a Snake offers hope to those of us who occasionally lose sight of God in the face of day-to-day struggle. Through accounts of her mother's diagnosis, illness, and passage, Kimberly helps us open our eyes to the divine mercies that have been in front of us all along.



 About the Author
A Life Coach in training and founder of I AM Life Coaching, Kimberly has chosen to take her commitment to helping individuals realize their dreams to a new level. She seeks to empower individuals to operate at their highest potential. Over the years, Kimberly has realized that her true purpose is to speak life, inspiring those that God brings her in contact with, encouraging them to live in purpose. Her vision is to touch the hearts and minds of people around her in an effort to not only change lives, but to save lives.

Kimberly is also an author. She is committed to sharing her God-given messages through a variety of avenues, including through writing. Her first book, If It Were A Snake, is a transparent, personal narrative, which draws the reader to gratitude, encouraging them to see God's presence in every life situation. In fact, Kimberly points to a loving God whose plan for their lives will come to pass.

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