"Living On The Edge" by Louisa Ausai-Magele

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If you have been diagnosed with End-Stage Renal Failure or any other Chronic Degenerative Disease, this book may be helpful in supporting yourself as a patient, a family member, or a friend whose personal life has been massively influenced by such a calamity. This book “Living On The Edge,” was written not only to share the story of my real experiences as a kidney patient, but it also tells how my illness tremendously crushed my life, my career, my finances, my marriage, and my day-to-day choices. It also talks about my trials and tribulations, which really put me on the edge of losing my sanity. Along with my journey as a kidney patient, I learned the pitfalls and setbacks, a patient faces when dealing with the realities of doing peritoneal and hemodialysis. The risks a patient is subjected to by taking various medications with side effects which develop more health problems. This book also tells how I managed unwarranted stress, highs, and lows; a patient is obligated to handle and manage financial responsibilities and healthcare insurances. I told my story in order beginning from the first event until the last. They are all based on my real experiences, to offer knowledge and strength, to keep you from becoming a victim of irresponsible healthcare employees or unethical medical practices. If you or a family member encounter medical negligence, I hope my story might aid in evaluating your own situation or cope with any catastrophe. Instead of you feeling depressed and hopeless, my story motivates you to stand strong and shelter yourself or a loved one from any storm.

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