"Lord, Heal Our Marriage" ny Pamela Youngblood

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Lord, Heal Our Marriage is a book that will build your faith, sharpen your knowledge of the Word of God as it applies to marriage, and inspire you to put your trust in Jesus. It contains priceless lessons from the heart of someone with personal experience and reveals the author’s attempts, successes and failures to walk the walk of faith on a daily basis until her marriage was healed. God not only desires that you be whole, but He clearly paves the way through His Word. Pam’s personal experiences project hope and instill courage to believe and trust Almighty God. The message that radiates from her life is that Jesus has a plan to enrich marriages--not just endure them. God has a divine purpose for your life and marriage, and He will lead you to that place if you will let Him. His resurrection power is available to bring victory and positive change in the lives of all who believe and trust in Him. The same mighty power that raised Christ from the dead is available to you today. The enemy of your soul will do everything to steal, kill and destroy God’s purpose for your life, but all things are possible for those who will dare to believe and trust Him. As you read this book, you may laugh, you may cry, and you may even get a little mad at times as the truth of God pierces those hard places of your heart. God has a plan to bring you healing and restoration. His plan is to make you whole in every area of your life, including your marriage. As you read Lord, Heal Our Marriage, open your heart, yield to God’s way, and allow Him to work a miracle in your life, your marriage and your family.

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