"Mighty Marlow" by Philip Marcu

Riki Adams, 28-year-old single Asian-American lawyer, works in the District Attorney's office in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Our first story opens where Riki is barking orders to a new intern, Penelope, in the DA's office and then she heads out to do personal errands. We see Riki's personality deals with conflicting mood swings as she faces life with mixed passions and emotions. Riki attacks everyone who gets in her way but she'll go out of her way to help the underprivileged and needy. Case in point, Riki walks into her local bank, prepares to make a routine bank deposit but her keen observations tell her that a robbery is about to take place. Riki goes to the ladies room where she transforms herself into a crime-fighting superhero. While wearing her superhero outfit, she can deflect bullets with her wrist, ankle, and head bracelets and while she wears her outfit she can do so much more. Single handedly and with much drama, Marlow thwarts a gang of bank robbers to the delight of dozens of people who witness her talents. Soon the Chief of Police enters the bank with his team, and he wonders why Riki is always around when Marlow shows up at the very moment she is needed. Riki is flawed with physical limitations; she only eats fruits and vegetables because she can't digest meats, eggs and fish and uses an inhaler to help her breathe because she has asthma. When she's transformed into Mighty Marlow those limitations go away because her outfit is electronically correcting those limitations and all the while her outfit enhances her strength and power. Mighty Marlow is recognized by everyone. Most don't suspect that she and Riki are one and the same but there are suspicions that they at least know each other. Although Marlow gets her strength from her outfit, this series of comic books will not reveal how that all began. That will all come out, eventually, in the movie: MIGHTY MARLOW


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