"Night To Knight" by Randy Tramp

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Special Forces Mark Steele commands an operation to save two American Missionaries. He’s injured and dismissed from the Special Forces. Not wanting to take a desk job, the Navy discharges him. Mark becomes discouraged until he discovers a new purpose in life—locate and return abducted children to their family. To protect his wife from emotional stress, Mark doesn’t tell her. During one of Mark’s missions, Kaitlyn finds a crumbled paper in the wastebasket next to his desk. She calls the number and hears a female’s voice, then Mark’s voice in the background. “We’re a married couple headed to Phoenix,” Mark says. It’s part of his plan to reunite a mother with her son, but Kaitlyn misunderstands. She fears Mark is having an affair. At the same time, Carina, their 16-year-old daughter, becomes rebellious and starts hanging out with the wrong crowd. Mark’s practice of strict parenting makes the situation worse. Mark returns the boy to his mother and later accepts a new assignment. He’s to locate and rescue Brenda, a 17-year-old girl. The police believe the girl had run away, and they do nothing to find her, but Tony, her dad, believes his daughter is in danger. Mark locates Brenda and sets up a rescue. During the rescue, Brenda becomes confused, and screams. The kidnapper shoots Mark in the arm. He loses Brenda in the confusion. When he returns to his vehicle, Mark hears a phone message from his wife, “Carina is missing.” (She returns later that night, but Mark doesn’t get that message.) He abandons the mission and rushes home. But when he meets his wife at their house, he collapses because of the wound and exhaustion. An ambulance takes him to the hospital. At this point, Kaitlyn is ready to end their marriage. Because of her personality, she hadn’t confronted him concerning the phone call but kept it secret. She calls her mother, asking for a place to stay. Her mom requests Kaitlyn at least give Mark time to explain. She reluctantly agrees to stay with Mark for the weekend. When Mark wakes up, a police officer questions him about the gunshot wound. Mark also discovers his wife wants to leave him. Then to make matters worse, when Mark returns home from the hospital, he discovers evidence of his daughter’s plan to run away. Can this Ex-Special Forces Commander make the changes necessary to win his family back?​Click

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