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Basic POD (print) $1100


• Basic Cover • Simple text formatting • ISBN • No distribution
• 5 free copies • Low Author Purchase Price for books


Standard POD (print) $1300


• No charts, graphs, or images
• Attributionswithin text (no footnotes)

• Standard footers/headers
• Consecutive page numbering
• Basic fonts
• Includes ISBN and Barcode
• Marketing: Facebook Advertisement, PowerPoint filled with Do-it-yourself marketing ideas
• Distribution: Amazon U.S., E.U. and certified resellers such as 
   independent bookstores and book resellers


Select POD (print) $1700


• Up to 30 charts, graphs, or images
• Non-full bleed children’s books
• Up to 25 footnotes or endnotes
• In this package, a print book can be converted to an eBook
• Standard headers/footers
• Consecutive page numbering
• Includes ISBN and Barcode
• Advanced Options in fonts, filigrees, and accent lines
• Electronic Editing
• Marketing: Includes the ones from above plus a Press Release
• Distribution: All options from Basic, plus major online and offline 
   bookstores and retailers through the Baker and Taylor catalog 


Select Combo (print + eBook) $2800


• Conversion into the ten platforms required for all e-readers
• Fully hyperlinked eBook
• Includes ISBN
• No images–hyperlinked to the author’s website where images can be seen

• Children’s eBook on Kindle Only platform
• EBook Distribution: Apple (operates iBook’s in 51 countries), 
   Barnes and Noble (US and UK), Scribd, Indigo (Canada), Inktera, Buy.com (US and UK), Overdrive (the library lending market), Baker & Taylor, Gardners (schools), Odilo (2,100 public libraries in US, South America, and UK), Booksellers Association (US and UK) and globally at Walmart.com


Select Print Cover $500       Select EBook Cover $400
Premium Combo Cover (print and eBook) $800



Premium POD (print) $2100 


 • Up to 40 charts, graphs, and images
• Full Bleed Children’s books
• Up to 50 footnotes or endnotes
• Different headers/footers for each chapter/section
• Non-consecutive page numbering- each chapter begins again, or 
   Roman numerals for front matter
• Premium Options in Fonts, filigrees, glyphs, Drop caps, Accents
• Print can be converted to eBook
• Ability to set global pricing for greater profits
• Includes ISBN and copyright registration

• Includes cover design and barcode
• Includes Electronic Editing and a Personal Proofread
• Marketing: Facebook Advertisement, Press Release, Bookmark, and 
   Marketing copy
• Distribution: Includes all of the distributors of the Basic and Select 
   packages, plus distribution through Trust Media Group (formerly 
   STL) and Ingram Book Group


Premium Combo (Print and eBook) $3800

All of the advantages of the Premium POD, plus:

• Can include up to 10 images and hyperlinks to other images on the 
   author’s website
• Includes one pop-up video
•Distribution includes an additional 70 online partners including 
   Blio, All Romance, and Special Book Services (South America). 


Premium Plus Combo (print + eBook) $5000

All of the advantages of the Premium Package, plus:

• Hardcover option
• Heavy graphics–40-75 images
• More than 50 footnotes or endnotes
• Indexing
• Marketing: Facebook Advertisement, Press Release, Bookmark, and 
   Marketing copy, Autograph Poster and the Advanced Program for  
   Marketing (pre-orders) through Ingram
• Distribution: All of the distributors of all other plans plus Google 
• Ability to sell box sets
• Ability to offer pre-orders
• Ability to offer bookstore returns*


   *Only recommended for special circumstances




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